torsdag 22 maj 2014

Wolf Creek 2

Australia. A country i have always wanted to visit. The amazing landscapes, the people seem so friendly and so much to see and do in Sydney. The music scene is of course filled with many classic artists and bands, like Kylie Minogue, Nick Cave and INXS. When it comes to motion pictures, there is one movie that took the world by storm. The year was 1986, and Crocodile Dundee became a huge popular character, and Paul Hogan became a superstar. Personally i was more interested in australian cinema in 2005, when a small film called Wolf Creek was released. A horror film located in the australian landscape, with a very brutal storyline. Considering the budget under 2 million dollars, director Greg McLean managed to give us a frightening horror movie, with a very simple, but clever twist. Wolf Creek became a box office hit, and a big sale success on dvd. I did not expect a sequel to be made, but 9 years later, we have a sequel in our hands. Since i loved the first movie, i was excited to see what director Greg McLean would offer us this time. John Jarratt is back also in the lead role, so is this a worthy sequel to a great horror motion picture, or should they have let this idea lay on the shelf ?

In the australian desert, 2 patrol officers try and arrest Mick Taylor ( John Jarratt ) for speeding. Mick end up killing them both. Meanwhile a young German couple, Rutger ( Philippe Klaus ) and Katarina ( Shannon Ashlyn ) are wandering around the australian desert, trying to hitch hike. As they camp one night, Mick find their tent, and kill Rutger brutally. He take Katarina as a hostage, but she manage to escape out on the highway. British surfer Paul ( Ryan Corr ) is driving alone, and stop his car to help Katarina, who is tied up and hysterical. Paul try to get answers for what happened to her, but Katarina is so shocked by everything, she can´t speak any real words. Mick find them, and murder Katarina brutally. Paul survive, but now he is hunted out in the desert, and Mick will not stop until he have another body.

I am sorry to say that this is not as great as i would have hoped for. The first movie had more intensive scenes, with a deeper message. This sequel have lots of body parts, blood, and pretty much looks the same as the first movie, but fails to live up to the classic original movie. I might sound negative, but for a good reason. If you are going to make a sequel, make it as good as the first movie, or maybe even better. Still, i don´t think Wolf Creek 2 is a bad horror movie, if you compare to alot of releases out there that have nothing to offer. Lead actor John Jarratt is back again as the human butcher Mick Taylor, and he is the biggest reason why this sequel works. His comedy timing fit his character, being the psychopath he is, especially the scene where he drives a truck over a couple of Kangaroos, chasing a man and shout :- Welcome to Australia, cock sucker. You get some good laughs, even how sick this man is, it becomes sort of a splatter comedy in some scenes. Director Greg McLean use the australian landscape really well, and he knows how to make psychopath Mick look meaner than ever. Such a shame he could not keep the same feeling of the first movie, a bit more powerful storyline than this sequel offers. Still, i would recommend Wolf Creek 2, if you love to see bodies becoming chopped into pieces, and most of all a great performance from John Jarratt. From a horror perspective, Wolf Creek 2 offers quite a lot of fun moments, not as much as i would have hoped for, but still a descent sequel. Anyone want to go with me to Australia and wear a backpack ? No ? Why not ? People look so friendly here......

Rating: DDD

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