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I have been to Germany 4 times so far, and i will be honest. 2 times i went there just to drink, and go to strip clubs, i even visited a whore house just for fun. Germany is more open minded than some european countries about sexuality, and people don´t see sex as a sin, embrace it and have fun. I am not saying everything about strip clubs and whore houses are good, but if they have a legal permission, and do everything right according to law, i say keep the business going. Besides, sometimes people want to have fun, so let them have fun as long as no one is hurt. Speaking about sexuality, some people have really strange sexual behavior. I have seen some really bizzare people on Swedish tv sexuality show Fråga Olle, like when a man loves to have sex with arm pits, have their balls stepped on with high heels. I remember one funny guy who loved to put his dick in gloryholes, because you never know who is sucking on the other side. And he mentioned :- If the guy have a moustache, it can get a bit itchy. I laughed as hell, this guy was quality to 100%. There is a german novel that got a lot of press attention, because of the story of a very open minded sexual girl named Helen, in the novel Wetlands. I have not read this novel, and i probably should have, before i watched the feature film based on the novel. But either way, i was curious to see if director David Wnendt could bring this controversial novel to a big screen format. His previous film Combat Girls ( Kriegerin ) was actually a good drama motion picture about Marisa, a 20 year old nazi girl, who hates jews and foreigners. A very sad story, but with a powerful message. Wetlands is a very different motion picture from David Wnendt previous films. Is this a worthy filmatisation to the controversial novel, or should this have been left alone ?

Helen Memel ( Carla Juri ) is having problems with hemorrhoids. Ever since she was a little girl, her mother always told her to make sure to always wash yourself, and make sure hygene is good. Since Helen want to be a rebellion against her mother, she rub her vagina on dirty toilet seats, and meet male strangers for sexual encounters. She continue to experiment on different sexual experiences, using different vegetables, using other objects, just to try all ways. One day while shaving her anal, she accidently cut herself too deep. Since the bleeding wont stop, she is forced to have an operation. There she meet Nurse Robin ( Christoph Letkowski ), who is fascinated about Helen´s big sexual desire, with odd ideas. Helen´s best friend Corrina ( Marlen Kruse ) experiment with drugs together with Helen, as they live life at the top of their game. But the lifestyle Helen is living is also causing problems, but is there a way for her to take Life more seriously ?

Let´s make something clear. If you don´t like sex, and can´t see sexual scenes on film, you might as well stop reading here and watch another episode of Rachel Ray. But Wetlands is not only about sex, this is the story about Helen, trying to find her way in life, even if she is complicated. There are many funny scenes, so be prepared to laugh. I will say that Helen may be a different girl, thinking the way she does, but i suppose everyone have different thoughts about sexuality and what it means to you. The best way to describe Wetlands is like a mix of Franzois Ozon influenced films, mixed with european cinema. Because there is so much going on here, and some scenes are crazy, while other scenes are really beautifully filmed. Leading actress Carla Juri does a really good performance as the young Helen, as she tries to show us into her sexual mind. But there is more than just that. We also learn that she want her parents to get together again, as well as she tries to learn to deal with all her thoughts. Since i have not read the novel, the film is based on, i can not compare if director David Wnendt have managed to capture the feeling of the novel. But i will say i like the style of Wetlands, everything is fast, filled with passion for sexuality, and the acting is pretty good for unknown actors. If you enjoy european Cinema, and like quality films not made in " Swedish Svensson Style ", i have a feeling Wetlands will be in your taste. Shocking sometimes ? For some people i guess, but that does not mean this is not a good film. I recommend you go rent Wetlands, it will leave you with many thoughts, and that is a good sign.

Rating: DDD

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