måndag 29 september 2014

Autumn is here, how about some more sexy movie reviews ?

Summer is definitely over, and i will say we had some great motion pictures this summer, and some that did not fit my taste. So, with that said, i think it is time we continue to make some more sexy movie reviews, because as you people know, only i can write sexy reviews. I can garantee that Josh Hartnett will agree on that.

Since we are moving in a colder, and more rainy period, at least here in Scandinavia, i will be writing some very mixed genre film reviews during this autumn. Instead of writing a list of the titles, i will let them be surprises, so you don´t know what to expect.

Thank you for the support i get, people seem to enjoy my reviews. Hopefully you will enjoy the upcoming reviews also.

Cheers from Daniel

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