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12 Years A Slave

Slavery in the 1800´s is not a topic i learned much about in school. I can´t remember that my history teacher ever brought this up in any historical events. Even if this was horrible, and a time in history you wish would never have happened, the stories need to be told so every generation know the truth. 12 Years A Slave is based on the true story of Solomon Northup, who wrote a book on his life as a slave. Praised as one of the best motion pictures of 2013, i felt that i needed to see this one. Is 12 Years A Slave a very tragic and honest story, or is this another Hollywood production made to earn cash at the box office ?

In the year of 1841, Solomon Northup ( Chiwetel Ejiofor ) lives as a free man, with a wife and 2 kids. But suddenly one day, Brown ( Scott McNairy ) and Hamilton ( Taran Killam ) trick Solomon to come along with them. Solomon wakes up in a cell, where he now is informed he will be sold as a slave. At a slavery auction, Solomon is bought by plantation owner William Ford ( Benedict Cumberbatch ). William begin to like Solomon, since he seems very intelligent and have lots of knowledge. This is something racist carpenter John Tibeats ( Paul Dano ) does not appreciate. John tries to do anything he can to make Solomon´s life miserable, even try to hang him without William´s permission. Solomon tries to stay alive, doing anything he can to please his Master. But after a conflict between John and Solomon, things become so bad that William is forced to sell Solomon to Edwin Epps ( Michael Fassbender ), a very cruel planter who hate black people. His wife Mary Epps ( Sarah Paulson ) is also evil, and have no respect for black people. One thing that help Solomon get out of trouble, is the fact that he can play violin. So Edwin decide he should play at their dance evenings. Solomon want to go back home, to his wife and children. But he does not know if he will ever see them again. So the only thing he can do, is obey his Master, and hope to survive.

I have to say it was hard for me to watch some scenes in 12 Years A Slave, especially when a young black woman is whipped so hard, she could have died. To know that white people were so cruel to black people, because of their skin color makes me very upset. Director Steve McQueen ( not the legendary actor, he is dead since 1980 ) show us a very honest brutal portrait about the slavery in New Orleans. Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is simply amazing as Solomon Northup, a man who lost everything, but he never give up. Michael Fassbender is really good as the slave master Edwin, such a horrible person who have no remorse. Sarah Paulson is fantastic as the bitch Mary Epps, i wanted to punch her in the face while watching her do this character. This is a very disturbing motion picture, so sad, but very powerful. i have a feeling teenagers need to see this in schools, so they learn more about slavery, because not much is said in school books. 12 Years A Slave is a very tragic story, with very good actors that lift the story even more. Many critics called this the best motion picture of 2013, i do not agree. But still i say you need to see this one, you will be angry, you will be sad. I am so happy that 12 Years A Slave have won so many awards so far at different film festivals, everyone who worked on this motion picture deserves to be heard, i will not forget what i have just seen.

Rating: DDDD

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