lördag 8 mars 2014

Last Vegas

Good friends is important to have. Even if you move away from your hometown, or even into another country, friendship never dies. The best friends dont judge you for what you look like or if you are gay or straight, they accept you for who you are. So what if a group of old friends who are retired, go on a bachelor party in Las Vegas ? Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro are together on screen in this comedy, that is said to be a different version of The Hangover, for an older audience. The cast list is great, and director Jon Turtletaub ( who made classics like While You Were Sleeping and National Treasure ), is well known in the comedy genre. The combination sounds fun, so is Last Vegas a fun ride in the city of sin, or is it a desperate try to make another Hangover version with no content ?

Billy, Paddy, Archie and Sam are childhood friends, who have a great time as young boys. As they grow older,  Billy Gherson ( Michael Douglas ) is getting married to his 31 year old girlfriend Lisa ( Bre Blair ). He begin to plan a bachelor party in Las Vegas, where the wedding will be held also. Billy call up Archie Clayton ( Morgan Freeman ) and Sam Harris ( Kevin Kline ). Both accept going with him to Las Vegas to have the best bachelor party ever. There is just one problem, if they can get Paddy Connors ( Robert De Niro ) to go with them. Paddy can never forgive Billy for not coming to his wife´s funeral, even if Billy have said he is sorry. But they make a decision, Billy, Archie and Sam travel to New York to convince Paddy to go along with them to Las Vegas. After some time Paddy agree to go with them, but he is still angry about Billy not coming to the funeral. As they arrive in Las Vegas, they end up in a bar listening to lounge bar singer Diana Boyle ( Mary Steenburgen ). The guys love her, especially Billy, but he tells her that he is about to get married. As the bachelor party is being prepared, Billy begin to think if he really loves Lisa, or maybe he just felt alone ? The party is about to start, but is everyone ready for the night of their lives ?

As i mentioned earlier, this have been said to be another version of The Hangover. And yes you could say it is. But of course not as wild as The Hangover. Is this still funny though ? Yes i had a good time. The combination of actors worked very well, where everyone show different sides of themselves. I suppose the charm in this is that no matter if you get old, you don´t have to stop living. And this message works well in Last Vegas, these men try and have a great time. There are plenty of fun scenes, so i don´t need to tell everything that happens, but i must warn you. An old grandmother shakes her booty in a wet t shirt contest, and i almost got blind after that. Director Jon Turtletaub tries to show that it is never too late, live life like it is your last day alive. There is nothing original here, but who cares ? As a comedy, Last Vegas deliver a good time for all ages, so why complain about anything ? Invite friends over to a dinner, and watch this one, i guarantee you will have a good time, and maybe even remember some good times from your earlier years.

Rating: DDD

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