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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Apes are very fascinating animals. If you think about it, they can learn so many things, almost like a human. There are of course differences between us, but i would not be suprised if humans are developed from an ape species, millions of years ago. Different scientists and studies made, can tell us more about what apes are capable of doing. Even if apes may never be just like humans, we do have some things in common. In 1968, director Franklin J. Shaeffner released his sci fi apocalyptic motion picture Planet Of The Apes. The film became a huge success, and also made a big impact on both movie critics and the audience. Planet Of The Apes even won an Academy Award , for best make up, thanks to make up artist John Chambers. Looking back, you might think the make up looks old now, but i have to say for that period of time, he did a wonderful job. Charlton Heston in the lead role gave this motion picture some star quality, since he was a very popular actor in those days. Sequels followed, as many as 4 ones in the 70´s. There was even a tv series made with the same title as the original film. But the popularity was not as big as it used to be, so no more movies were made, or no more season of the tv series. Not intil the year 2001. Director Tim Burton, decided to remake the original film, into his own version. That was not a good idea.....The biggest problem with Tim Burtons remake is that it had nothing interesting to give the audience. Plenty of action, but with acting that you did not want to see. 10 years later director Rupert Wyatt took on a reboot of the franchise, with Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. The biggest difference this time, is that Rupert actually knew what he was doing, and made a great film. James Franco in the lead role was a very good choice, and of course Andy Serkins as the ape Caesar. The special effects were amazing, including a great plot. When i heard rumours about a sequel, i was hoping it could continue the quality of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, or even improve some details. Is this sequel worthy the reboot in 2011, or should it have been left alone and not been made at all ?

The ALZ-113 virus have spread so fast, that it wipes out most of the human civilization, leaving just some groups of survivors. Ten years later, in San Fransisco, ape leader Caesar ( Andy Serkins ) live in the forest area with the remaining ape forces, trying to stay away from the human world. While some of the apes are Walking in the forest, they spot a human named Carver ( Kirk Acevedo ). Carver panick as apes confront him, and he shoots Ash ( Doc Shaw ), one of Caesar´s sons. Caesar is furious, and warn the friends of Carver, led by Malcolm ( Jason Clarke ). to stay away from their forest, and they do not want war. Malcolm talks to another group leader Dreyfus, who have built an army of human survivors, to be prepared to do anything if they are attacked. Malcolm have an idea, since none of them have any electrical power, they need to get a hydroelectric dam working, so they can have electric power back. But this dam is located outside the city, in the forest are of the apes, so Malcolm need to find a way to make a deal with Caesar. At first Caesar is very skeptical, but eventually agree. But all weapons must be removed, or the deal is off. The work on the dam has begun, but after a few unstable moments, Caesar´s wife  Cornelia ( Judy Greer ) is very sick, and she needs medicine. Luckily one of Malcom´s team members Ellie ( Kerri Russel ) is a nurse and give Cornelia antibiotics. Caesar´s companion Koba ( Toby Kebbell ) discover the humans armory, and question Caesar how he can trust the humans. A fight begin, as Caesar make sure Koba is informed that he knows what he is doing. Koba does not accept this, and secretely go back into the humans camp, kill 2 guards as well as kill Carver. Caesar does not know what Koba have done, but Koba is not yet finished. While the dam is repaired and seems to be working, the humans are invited to celebrate with the ape community. That night, Koba set the ape village on fire and shoot Caesar, blaiming this on the humans. The ape forces prepare for battle, as the humans realise that this could be the end, if a sollution is not found.

Ever since Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, gave us a very well made reboot, i was very curious to see if a sequel could deliver something more. The good news is, we got even more. This sequel is so good, that after i watched it in the cinema, i finally felt hope for sequels, that it is possible to make good ones. This does not happen very often, but when they do arrive, and deliver something positive, you feel like cheering in the audience, even how nuts they may think you are. Director Matt Reeves, who directed great films as Cloverfield and the american version of Let Me In, jumped on board to do this sequel. And since he have done some great motion pictures in the past, you can tell he is very focused to please fans, both of the older films, and the previous film from 2011. The action scenes are very brutal, but so well made, you simply sit there and feel very pleased. Let´s not forget the special effects, the apes look so real, it is scary how good CGI can look in the hands of the right film maker. Andy Serkins is back as Caesar, looking even better than before. This time we don´t have James Franco in the lead role, instead he is replaced by Jason Clarke. You might remember Jason from Texas Killing Fields ( a film not many people discovered, but is worth watching ), Zero Dark Thirty and Lawless. I would have to say this may be one of his best performances yet in a motion picture. Looking back and comparing the following sequels from the 70´s up until 2011, i have to say that this is the best sequel ever made so far, in this series. Everything looks great, the scenery locations, the CGI is fantastic, the acting is really good, even from the apes. One very important detail that i really enjoyed with Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, is the plot. We get to see how both humans and apes feel about each other, and how our lives are affected when war strikes. Gary Oldman shows once again why he is such a powerful actor, i hope to see him soon again in something spectacular, hopefully in a lead role. If you loved the previous film, or even the older films, i have a feeling you will love this genre even more. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is a really good action film, but also give a very important message about humanity and respect for each other. I really hope this film is nominated for best special effects at the Academy Awards next year, CGI does not look this good very often. A sequel you simply have to see.

Rating: DDDD

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