måndag 6 oktober 2014

Drive Hard

How many of you remember the 1997 motion picture called Grosse Pointe Blank ? A really fun combination of a highschool reunion and a hitman, who is forced to go to his high school reunion where everyone want to see what happened ever since they all grew up. Joh Cusack did a really great performance, and he have continued delivering many great motion Pictures, in many different genres. One of my personal favourite films with John Cusack is the horror film 1408. Directed by Swedish director Mikael Håfström, Cusack did a really good performance as the author Mike Enslin, who writes books on paranormal activities, ghost encounters, but he is really trying to tell people this is all fake. Until he visits the Dolphin Hotel in New York City. It is said that no one stays in the room 1408, but Mike belive this is also fake so decide to book the room. 1408 had a very terrifying feeling while you see what is going on, and not predictable as you might think it would be. Another film worth mentioning is The Frozen Ground, where Cusack also did a great performance as serial killer Robert Hanson, who killed young girls in Alaska. One of the few films where Nicolas Cage also show his good acting skills. Lately it seems that John Cusack make smaller films, and not bigger budget productions. Most of his latest films are released straight to dvd, but thankfully not all of them are bad. Drive Hard is one example of his latest releases, that i found on dvd. With Thomas Jane on board, that seems to be an action comedy, is this combonation a perfect fit for these 2 actors, or is this a project they should have left in a garbage can, with the latest Sean Banan album ? 

Peter Roberts ( Thomas Jane ) used to be a professional racer driver, who had a great future. For different reasons, he had to leave, and is now working as a driving instructor. One day at the driving school, Peter is ready to meet the new student. His name is Simon Keller ( John Cusack ) and says he need to improve his driving skills, since he have not driven a car for many years. The first lesson begins, but Peter can tell something is wrong. He finds out that Simon have chosen Peter, to help him in a $9 million heist. Peter needs to help Simon to be his getaway driver, something that Peter does not want to do. Once the chase is on, Peter have to find a way to get out of this mess.

I respect John Cusack as an actor, for he can be really good, with the right character and with the right script. Sadly this choice is not going to affect anything, since he choosed to be a part of Drive Hard. An action comedy that tries to look both cool, and funny, and i simply feel like hitting my tv screen with a baseball bat. Drive Hard is really bad, and for several reasons. The characters feel very boring, the script must have been written no longer than 10 minutes, and the acting is awful. This is like a mix of old action comedies from the 90´s, who were bad back then. Now it is 2014, and we know there are good action comedies to choose between, but this is a failure all the way. Director Brian Trenchard-Smith have been a director since the 70´s, but i have never been a big fan of his films. Have anyone seen his films Leprechaun 3 and 4 ? Holy mother of Christ, what was he thinking ? Drive Hard may not be his worst film, but he still proves why he is not a good director, and it does not matter if this is filmed in Australia at some beautiful locations. If Drive Hard was meant to please the audience who love John Cusack, i can tell you right now they will leave, guaranteed. I know many actors who made some bad choices, even John Travolta have proven that several times. Let´s just hope Cusack leaves this behind, and focus on good scripts. Drive Hard is a pile of shit, if anyone tells you that they liked this film, you have my permission to beat them up. I can think of many things i would rather do than watch films like this, does anyone have the latest magazine of Playboy around ? I might as well train the right arm, seems like a lot more fun after watching Drive Hard.

Rating: D

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