fredag 30 september 2016

Will there be a Fifty Shades Darker review ?

Hello everyone worldwide!

Hope you all have a great weekend out there, I am preparing my first reviews for october, and i got all kinds of films coming our way. We will of course have some box office films in here, and some smaller films, just as i usually try to mix it up. Now, about a few days ago i was asked if there will be a Fifty Shades Darker review in here, when the premiere is set in early 2017. So i wanted to take the time and tell you what it looks like in my scheduele.

Fifty Shades Darker will not be reviewed in here, and i will tell you why.

Because we don´t need to see it, none of you do. Why ? Let´s think for a moment. How good was the first film ? Let´s just say i wanted to jump from a balchony after seeing it, that might explain how i feel. So sorry Fifty Shades fans, i will not write a review, not even how much anyone of you would pay me to do it. Ok, if you happen to offer at least 32 million dollars, then i might suffer myself to do it, but only then. And if that includes an evening with Kirk Cameron´s Saving Christmas special screening, we might have a deal.

So there you go folks, i better get back to what i was doing, it includes latex gloves and hand cuffs, this means Thomas Deutgen ( the dansband guru ) is waiting for me. See you soon and thanks for enjoying my reviews.

Cheers from Daniel

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