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Miss Peregrine´s Home For Peculiar Children

There are some directors who will always be known for their unique style, making films in their own way. And one of those directors i am thinking about, is of course legendary director Tim Burton. He have made so many classics over the years. Who have not seen Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, the two Batman films he directed ? We have to mention a classic, that not many might think of. Pee Wee´s Big Adventure from 1985. A fun ride with classic character Pee Wee Herman, looking for his stolen bicycle. I also enjoyed his film Ed Wood, based on the cult director that made some awful films back in the 50´s. Brilliant acted by Johnny Depp, a film i know some people have not seen, but should see it. Tim Burton have been involved in many films over many years, and the ones he have directed himself, is mostly really good. His style is hard to explain, because he have so many ideas, and manage to capture the audience with his vision. One of the films i have always loved from Tim Burton, is the 1999 horror film Sleepy Hollow. It is a bizarre horror film, but very well made, and the cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki is absolutely brilliant. The story of the headless horseman, who revenge everyone for his brutal death, is a classic story. Tim Burton proved himself to be the right man to direct this film. Even though i enjoy a lot of his films, i never really enjoyed his version of Planet Of The Apes. Somehow, i did not really connect with his vision of a remake, and the acting was not that good. Not even from legendary actor Tim Roth, who usually always deliver great performances. With that said, i always look forward to see what Tim Burton will get his hands on for a new project. So back in 2015, i read in a newspaper, that he would be directing a first film, based on the popular book called Miss Peregrine´s Home For Peculiar Children by author Ranson Riggs. This book spent 70 weeks on The New Yorks Times Best Sellers list for childrens books, so there is no surprise we would have a film adaptation. Knowing that Tim Burton would do this film, i was of course curious to see what he would do with the material. When i noticed the cast, i also felt pleased. How about Judi Dench, Terence Stamp, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Green ? I had to see if this would be a great cinematic experience. Is this one of the best films of Tim Burton in a long time, or is this back to the level of Planet Of The Apes, and we should all avoid this one ?

For many years, Abe Portman ( Terence Stamp ) have been telling his 16 year old grandson Jake ( Asa Butterfield ) stoires about his childhood. How he battled monsters and survived World War II while living at Miss Peregrine´s Home For Peculiar Children. This home is located by the coast of Wales. One night, as Jake goes home to see his grandfather, he notice that something is not right. He finds Abe outside, and his eyes are completely black. Abe warns Jake that he should get away, and find his way to Wales. Jake is forced to go through therapy sessions, because his parents Maryann Portman ( Kim Dickens ), and Franklin Portman ( Chris O´Dowd ) belive that he have issues with the difference between reality and fantasy. His therapist suggest that Jake and his father Franklin, should go to Wales, just so Jake will know that Abe´s stories were just fictional, and not true. Franklin agrees, and they begin their journey. As they finally arrive into the small town, where this childrens home is supposed to be located, Jake gets help from the locals to find the orphanage. It turns out it is in ruins, after World War II. But as he enters the house, he notice that he is being watched and falls, hitting his head. As he wakes up, he is introduced to Miss Peregrine ( Eva Green ) and her particual children. The year is 1943, and he finds out that they are stuck in a time loop. Every night they repeat the same day over and over again, when the orphanage is being bombed. Jake begins to become a part of this orphanage, and he especially is drawn to a sweet girl called Emma Bloom ( Ella Purnell ). Every child in this orphanage, have special powers, and they all help each other out. Miss Peregrine is worried about the childrens safety, because the evil Mr. Barron ( Samuel L. Jackson ) and his companions are out to get them. Is Jake the key to get the children to safety, or is there another explanation to why he was called to the orphanage ?

Since i have not read one of the books, that this film is based on, i can´t compare them and say if Tim Burton manage to capture the tone of the novel. But if you look at this film from a pure entertainment perspective, i have to say that Tim Burton knows exactly how to do fantasy, adventure films. You have strong characters here, especially Miss Peregrine, really good acted by Eva Green. Her screen presence shines throughout the whole film. I also enjoy the performance of legendary actor Terence Stamp. His scenes fill this movie with a taste of sweetness, because he knows exactly how to make his character. Lead actor Asa Butterfield ( remember him from the funny Rambo tribute Son Of Rambow? ) also deliver a solid performance, as the shy and bullied young man Jake. Let´s not forget to mention that Samuel L. Jackson also manage to make a good performance, as the evil Mr. Barron. You can tell that director Tim Burton have tried to use his skills, to make you feel that you are in the world of Miss Peregrine and her particular children. Every child have special skills, so you will see them do different things, in situations, when they are needed. All the children do a great job, and one in particular should be mentioned. English actor Ella Purnell is wonderful as the aerokinetic Emma Bloom. Her character is a great female role model for young women, and for a film like this it is great to see that Tim Burton understood that. The film itself looks good for the most part, and you do have fun while you follow the story of Jake, trying to understand the secrets around the children´s home. I will say this, even though i enjoy this film, it is not as enjoyable as some of Tim Burton´s biggest classics. But that´s ok, because i think he have still managed to do this film in a worthy adaptation. His way to build characters, and put details in locations, have always been his strength, and he prove that here as well. I love the creepy twins Joseph and Thomas Odwell, they reminded me of the creepy child from the spanish horror film The Orphanage ( a really good horror film ). When they show up with their weird look, and odd behavior, you can´t resist them. Miss Peregrine´s Home For Particular Children is a great film adaptation done by Tim Burton, and i have a feeling that people of all ages will enjoy this adventure. There is something for everyone in here, but you should know that this might be scary for younger kids. I am looking forward to see a sequel, and hopefully we will get to see Miss Peregrine even more next time. I absolutely love the performance of Eva Green, can someone please nominate her for a Golden Globe Award ? 

Rating: DDD

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