fredag 13 januari 2017

Train To Busan

In recent years, i have been discovering some really great quality films, coming from South Korea. And i think it all started for me personally with 2 films, from director Chan-wook Park, and his films J.S.A: Joint Security Area and Sympathy For Mr.Vengeance. These were some of the first films i bought on dvd from South Korea, and i still remember how good both films are. Director Chan-wook Park proved himself to be a director, who could take on very different genres, and make really emotionally strong films. He continued making more really good films, such as Lady Vengeance and the powerful vampire film Thirst. Then in 2013, he made his first american film called Stoker, with Nicole Kidman. I can´t say this is one of his best films, but still an interesting choice. Very different from his previous work. I have not seen his latest film called The Handmaiden, released last year, but i am really looking forward to see it. I hear it is one of the best films he have directed so far, and that sounds wonderful. . Last year i reviewed a very good horror film called The Wailing, from director Hong-jin Na. This was one of the better horror films i saw in 2016, a very different story, well crafted and beautiful cinematography. I also loved the way director Hong-jin Nam builded up suspension, with a combination of classic ingredients, in a very intelligent way. Since i watched The Wailing, i have not really seen any other film from South Korea. I have seen that there are some films out there, that looks interesting. And i might review at least one, or two of them, eventually. In may of 2016, i read about one of the films that was going to screen at the Cannes Film Festival, a South Korean zombie film called Train To Busan. As the first reviews came out of the festival, i understood that this would be a film, for fans of the zombie genre. Of course, swedish cinemas did not even think about screening this film, simply because they prefer to show romantic swedish film like Jag Älskar Dig ( a swedish romantic comedy that sucks ass ). I suggest you buy Dyke Hard on dvd, if you want to see real swedish quality films. I just had to wait until Train To Busan came out on blu ray and dvd, and it is finally avaible. As i got my blu ray copy, i was jumping like a school girl around my appartment. Is the zombie genre finally back on track with some real quality, or is this another lame release, just to trying to milk money from fans of the genre ?

Seok Woo ( Yoo Gong ) is a hard working man, but never have time to do anything with his daughter. He did not make it to her school performance, something his daughter Soo-ann ( Soo-ann Kim ) is very upset about. She wants to go and visit her mother, who lives in Busan. So her father Seok Woo promise to take the train there with her. At first the train ride seems pretty normal, until one infected woman climbs on board, turning into a zombie. This is just the beginning of a ride to hell.

Remember the positive feeling about the remake of Dawn Of The Dead ? That they could still make a hell of a good zombie film ? This feeling comes to my mind, as i watch Train To Busan. This is without a doubt one of the best zombie films, i have seen in quite some time. It is fast, brutal, very intensive, and even have some emotional moments that works really well. Most of all, the idea of being stuck on a train filled with zombies, and finding ways to survive, is just brilliant. I would not say that this film is original in any way, but from a zombie horror genre perspective, i doubt you will be disappointed. Especially if you enjoyed 28 Days Later, or 28 Weeks Later, these zombies are also very fast in Train To Busan. You will also find great acting included here, especially from Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim ( some of her scenes are really good, magnificant child actor ), Ju-mi Yung and Dong-seok Ma. We do have more good performances in Train To Busan, but to name them all would take some time. I would like to tell all actors who were involved in this film, what a wonderful job you did. To be able tó show as much fear, as we are shown here, is not very easy. Just imagine acting out that you are running for your life, as if this could be your last day alive, and make it look realistic ? Now that´s acting, did you hear that Ben Winchell from Max Steel ? The train scenes looks really good, and since we know there is only a limit of locations, where these survivors are locked in, this film becomes more interesting. How would anyone deal with this situation, not knowing if you will arrive anywhere safe ? Director Sang-ho Yeon is perhaps most known for his anime films The Kings Of Pigs and Saibi. I have actually not seen these 2 films, but seeing his work in his first live-action film, i can tell that he is a very professional director. He knows how to catch the feeling of panic, frustration, anger, all together on screen. And with the amazing cast, he manage to show us a very different take on the zombie genre. I also get a feeling that he might enjoy the 1985 classic film Runaway Train, because you can feel some references in the film ( not spoiling where exactly ). The zombies are completely insane, and this is also a detail i enjoy, they will attack really hard, but not only that, you also find out they have a different weak spot, than the usual zombie. Train To Busan is absolutely a horror feast for everyone to enjoy, South Korea proves once more why they are so good at making quality horror films. Make sure you buy this blu ray film, and show your grandparents why we love going on train journeys. Speaking of trains, i would love to strike some zombies on board, anyone have a chainsaw near by ? Good, looks like it´s party time folks !!!!!!

Rating : DDDD

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