lördag 4 februari 2017

The Most Beautiful Message This Year....So Far

Hey kids, gather round!

Its your favourite Uncle Daniel here, the swedish romance master.

Sometimes you hear something so beautiful, you hug the grass field, you hug everyone on the street  ( even if they think you might be mentally insane ). 

So why this happiness? 

Because we found out this week that Sharknado 5 is starting to be filmed. This is exactly what we needed to hear. Sharknado is a part of our lives, we live for Sharknado, and these films make us complete.  I will of course review this film during the premiere this summer.

Sharknado 5 could be the most beautiful movie of 2017, lets get ready for a film that no one can resist. 2 reviews are coming this weekend,  so see you soon. 

Cheers from Daniel 

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