onsdag 21 juni 2017

Monolith ( Locked In )

Ever since i got my driver license, i remember the feeling of high speed on the highway. The freedom of wearing sun glasses, looking like Val Kilmer as Iceman in Top Gun, you can´t have a sexier look than that ( i think you might as well admit this guys, this is how we all feel ). One of the things i of course also enjoy, are seeing how many different car models there are out there. The negative side is of course that some of them cost a lot money. But i don´t complain, my car is alright. When it comes to cars in films, you might remember such classics such as Smokey And The Bandit or Cannonball Run ? During the early 80´s, a tv show made it´s name thanks to a cool look and an actor who knew how to keep it cool. I am of course talking about the tv show Knight Rider, with legendary actor David Hasselhoff. I watched a lot of episodes back in those days, and i actually own almost all season on dvd ( you know, especially for my romantic nights with my wife ). Knight Rider managed to combine action, with cool car scenes, without making it too cheesy. And David Hasselhoff as the undercover Los Angeles police detective Michael Knight, made the show special. His look and personality, inside the talking car KITT, made this a classic tv show. There were tv movies made from Knight Rider, even new tv series based on the original show, but they all failed to bring back the magic. Since Knight Rider have opened other doors to different car films, i can clearly see that times have changed. Just look at the very popular Fast And The Furious films. No talking cars, but a lot of car chasing scenes, and plenty of action. It looks like Fast And The Furious will go on for 10 films, and then call it a quit. I would not be surprised if there is another film coming our way, based on one of the characters of the film, or a prequel. After all, in Hollywood, money talks. Not that long ago, i came across a film on Sky Cinema called Locked In ( Monolith is the american title ). What strike me was the fact that the film includes a talking car, just like in Knight Rider. Of course, the story of Monolith is completely different, but i was curious what this film could offer. I noticed that the lead actor is Katrina Bowden, who i remember from films such as Tucker And Dale Vs Evil and Piranha 3DD. To see her do a lead role, in a very different genre from her catalogue, is of course interesting as well. Does Monolith have a solid story to offer, or is this a simple release that no one will remember ?

Sandra ( Katrina Bowden ) is driving in her very modern car, specially built to keep anyone safe inside the car. She have her son David with her, as they are on the way to Los Angeles. Sandra wants to surprise David´s father. On their way, out in the Utah desert, things does not turn the way she plans. An accident causes her to choose another way, and this is where everything goes bad. Sandra is locked outside of the car, and her son David is too young to understand how you open the door. Since the car is built not to let any stranger in, Sandra will have to find a way to get her son out, or he will die.

Since Monolith ( UK title Locked In ) is not a film that have made much noise, and have not been seen much at all on different film pages, this makes me pleased. Obviously, this is not a film that is trying to make big budget commercials, just to get an audience. Instead, this film rely on reviews, and what the audience thinks of the film. And this is where Monolith manage to succeed in a positive way. Since this is sort of a Knight Rider combination with classic highway films, you get a nostalgic feeling of Monolith. It would have been easy just to rip off Knight Rider completely, and called it something else. But the story is different, as well as the characters. A very technological car does of course have many advantages, but you can´t really be sure. And this is where Monolith tries to give you an angle, how bad things can get if you trust technology too much. Lead actor Katrina Bowden, does a good job, portraying a desperate mother, stuck in a very complicated situation. How far are you willing to go to help your child, locked inside a security safely built car ? I would say this is one of her most interesting characters in films, and i have seen her in some of her earlier work. Director Ivan Silvestrini have directed short films, and tv series in the past. Monolith is his full feature debut release, and i have to say he does a good job. I would not call this an original film in any way, and there are some scenes that could have been improved. Overall, i think the idea behind the story is nicely put together, without giving us anything unique. The scenes of the Utah desert areas looks great, and match great with the story. The car looks really cool, and the technology it offers, gives you an example of what the future might offer ( i have already heard of cars driving on their own, so you can just laid back and rest ). Monolith is sort of a thriller drama, but without lots of violence, and more focused on human behavior in difficult situations. If you enjoyed Knight Rider, then you might actually enjoy this film. The stories between the tv show and this film are very different, but the car reminds us of why we love futuristic cars. Have you been looking for something different to see lately ? Monolith can´t be compared to anything at this moment, and that is a good sign. A film that does have something to say, and make you think about how precious life is.

Rating: DDD

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