söndag 27 augusti 2017

Empire Of The Sharks

There are moments in my life, when i feel the need to watch a couple of cheesy B movies. Why ? Because some of them are actually fun to watch, while some of them are just really awful. Once you experience lovely B movies, you know that they will always be close to your heart. I always try to check the latest releases from the SyFy Channel, that make a lot of B movies and tv series. Some of their films are actually perfect for the tea party, with biscuits and i get dressed in my finest suit. The shark genre have been filled with so many insane dvd releases over the years, you don´t need to worry about missing them out. Easiest way is to watch them on VOD. There are new films coming out every year, so clearly people love to see sharks. With the massive success of the Sharknado films, of course a lot of B movie directors have tried to make their own odd ideas on shark combinations. Just take the film Shark Exorcist as an example. That has to be the greatest film tile for.....almost a decade. I have not seen the film yet though, so i don´t know it is the masterpiece we all hope for. Another shark film i am curious to see is called Mega Shark vs. Kolossus. To see a giant robot fight a shark, proves that our future of film making is clearly positive. I have seen some pretty fresh titles coming out recently, so i might review another B movie soon. While i am really excited to see Sharknado 5: Global Swarming next weekend ( a review will be posted as well ), i read about some other films that have been aired on SyFy Channel this summer. You could tell by the titles, that the film makers have clearly hoped to get at least 4 Emmy Awards. Out of the new SyFy films that came out this summer, is called Empire Of The Sharks. I got a chance to watch this film, to make sure Just to make it more fun, i decided not to see any trailer. Usually, that makes the experience more fun. Could this film Empire Of The Sharks be one of the biggest highlights of this year, or should someone have burned the script and watched another season of The Bachelor instead ?

In the future, Earth is now 98% covered in water. What most of us know as land no longer exist. The only land left is controlled by Warlord Mason Scrim ( Jonathan Pienaar ), as he also control hyper-intelligent sharks through his robotic hands. The humans are forced to pay tribute to Warlord Mason. If they don´t follow orders, they will be caged up as shark food. 2 friends who have managed to survive against the tyranny of Warlord Mason, decide to gather a group of people, with different skills. Someone need to stand up against the Warlord and his army, as well as stop the hyper-intelligent sharks.

Imagine a mix of Waterworld with Kevin Costner, and Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and you have Empire Of The Sharks. This is a very odd action film, set out on an ocean with muscle guards and electronically controlled sharks. Throw in a legendary actor like John Savage, with other known actors like Joe Vaz and stunt cordinator / actor Philip Tan, and you have something unique. Is this a original film in any way ? No, but the mixture of everything actually makes this a fun film to watch. The acting is bad, the special effects are not very good, but i think the film manage to do something different in the shark film genre. Just to see actor Jonathan Pienaar as the evil Mason Scrim, using robotic hands to control sharks, is just simply a feast. There is no plot really to care about, but that´s ok. This is supposed to be a dumb film, made for fans of cheesy action films such as 3-Headed Shark Attack. Speaking of actor Jonathan Pienaar, check out his clothing style. Reminded me of Rutger Hauer´s long coat in cult film Split Second, and Jonathan´s long hair kind of looks like singer Bret Michaels after a whiskey round, waking up on the bar table. In some ways you could say that Empire Of The Sharks fits perfect for a Saturday Morning tv film, while having breakfast. All those episodes of The Bachelor running 16 hours every day, why would you watch that, when you can have electronic controlled sharks attacking stupid people ? Director Mark Atkins have directed a hell of a lot of B movies over the years, and i remember one of his first films called Evil Eyes with legendary actor Udo Kier. A silly but funny horror film. Since then he have made plenty of B movies in all genres, and some of you might have seen his film Dragonquest, with legendary actor Marc Singer ? His latest film Empire Of The Sharks is in no way his best film, but i do think he have made one of his most odd films. That he actually combined some of those classic VHS titles, shows that he is not afraid to go on a different path. I actually had a pretty good time with this title, just for being a fun cheesy B action movie. If you can bare with bad acting, and some of the CGI effects, then this could actually be something worth checking out. Have you ever wondered if there is a film that explain the mysteries of biology? Empire Of The Sharks will give you the answers, plus you might even learn how to dress for sunday dinner.


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