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It Stains The Sands Red

Zombie films are usually divided into 2 different areas.

# They pretty much follow the same concept, with flesh eating dead people

# A few films take some unexpected chances, and make something original.

These few films that try and look outside the pretty standard zombie format, are always more interesting to me. Not that i don´t mind the usual concept, it is just nice to get some fresh air once in a while. One example for me, is the horror comedy called The Revenant. A film that should have been screened all over the world in cinemas, because this film is so damn good. The story of 2 friends, where one of them dies in battle in Iraq, and return home dead, buried underneath the ground. He wakes up, as his best friend tries to help him not to rotten, and everything goes wrong. A really funny, dark horror comedy, that is still today worth buying on blu ray or dvd. I suggest you pick this one up. Of course how can we not forget Peter Jackson´s ultimate classic Braindead, that have some of the most insane butcher scenes in history of zombies. There are a few directors out there who do take some chances. And one film we should mention, from director Alejandro Brugués, is the Spanish film called Juan Of The Dead. A really funny zombie film, with some classic scenes included.  Most zombie films don´t try any unexpected turns, so usually you know by looking at a dvd cover, if you are in for a treat. Over recent years, i have noticed that it is becoming harder, and harder, for film makers to make really good zombie films. Perhaps it is because it is hard to find really good, original ideas, in this genre. I still believe that there is hope for the zombie genre. As long as passionate film makers work really hard, to make solid projects, i know we are guaranteed to have something good coming our way. I did enjoy the British zombie horror film The Girl With All The Gifts, released last year from director Colm McCarthy. It did feel a bit more original than most films in this genre, worth checking out on blu ray. Now, as i always try to keep myself updated on horror films, i came across a trailer a couple of months ago, on a film called It Stains The Sands Red. This film actually looked interesting, so when i got a chance to see this film on VOD, i just had to see if this could be something good. Do we finally have one of the best horror films of this year, or is this another zombie flick that no one will remember at all ?

Las Vegas party girl Molly ( Brittany Allen ) is stuck in the desert with her boyfriend Nick ( Merwin Mondesir ). Suddenly, on the highway, a strange looking man is going towards Nick´s car. It turns out to be a zombie ( Juan Riedinger ). Molly and Nick lock themselves inside the car, while the zombie tries to get in. At some point, they both choose to go out, when Nick is attacked and killed. Molly is now forced to walk through an endless desert, trying to survive. With no weapons, she will have to try and survive against the zombie, that she named Smalls. A journey through the desert, will change the life that Molly was used to. 

When you don´t know what to expect, from a movie you have not heard much about, but is pleasantly surprised, then you have to feel positive. And this is the way i feel after watching It Stains The Sands Red. This is a pretty unique horror experience, that does not look like any zombie films that i can think of. I would not say it is the most original zombie films in many years, but still i have to say that this film is really good. The story is very simple, and maybe that is why it fits so well in the desert, with less dialogue, and more acting instead. To see basically just 2 characters through out the film, also makes this film interesting. There are a few characters that shows up, along the way, but the main characters are basically one zombie and one human. What makes this film special, is the way that the film is constructed. From the start, it does not seem to be anything special, but it finally picks up within 10 minutes, and the fun begins. There is not a lot of blood, or flesh eating ( just in a couple of scenes ), this is more about the journey for a woman, who is stuck in a very complicated situation. Lead actor Brittany Allen give us a solid performance, while actor Juan Riedinger plays the zombie Smalls really good. To act like a zombie, the way that Juan does in this film, has to be applauded. He clearly have studied zombie behavior, and tried to portrait one in his own way. Director Colin Minihan have directed horror films in the past, such as Grave Encounters and Extraterrestrial. His latest film It Stains The Sands Red is his most ambitious work so far as a director, and i really appreciate that he have tried do do something different within the zombie genre. I really hope that people will discover this film on VOD, or wait for the dvd or blu ray release, this is one of those films you should experience this autumn. I really enjoyed myself watching It Stains The Sands Red, because this is a film that dares to try a different path, in a movie genre that is in need of fresh air. I seriously doubt we will see any zombie film better than It Stains The Sands Red, within this year. A must see if you ask me.

Rating: DDDD

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