söndag 12 november 2017

Before this year ends, we need to do a 20 years anniversary of Event Horizon

Greetings movie lovers worldwide!

I am working on some fresh movie reviews for this month, and there will be reviews in different categories. Unfortunately, i did see the new trailer for Fifty Shades Of Another Awful Sequel, and yes, it looks really bad....

But the good news is that i have new reviews on the way, and that has to be seen as awsome. By the way, before this year ends, why not celebrate another film since it has turned 20 years old ? I am thinking about Paul W.S. Anderson´s cult classic film Event Horizon from 1997. I am pretty sure most sci fi geeks have seen this film at some point. I have not seen Event Horizon for many years, so i decided that i should take a look on the Special Edition on blu ray, that included a lot of special features. I predict that the review will be posted by the end of November, since i am posting fresh movie reviews first. Take good care everyone, and see you soon with fresh movie reviews.

Cheers from Daniel - The Handsome Swedish Gentleman

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