fredag 9 mars 2018

Accident Man


The country known for tea, biscuits, football, and sex doll brothel. Yes, it is amazing what you can get, just by visiting London for a weekend, or a week. Now, if you are really lucky, you might find tickets to a East 17 concert. I am sure you remember these guys, there were everywhere back in the 90´s. They still tour, and of course you get all the hits. But make sure you get tickets in time, they might get sold out ( there are still many East 17 fans out there ).
If you happen to be looking for something else, than i may suggest watching Scott Adkins in the Undisputed films. His character Boyka is explosive, raw and one of the most Iconic Russian fighters in cinema history. But there is so much more to Scott Adkins, he have worked a very long time in the movie industry and continue to work hard to make sure B action movies are still being made. I really support his passion, because we do need these movies to be made, and that can happen if people actually buy the films on Blu Ray or DVD. I have bought plenty of films with Scott Adkins, and one of my personal favourite films has to be Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear. This is an action film that is so good, that many of the Hollywood action films feels very weak compared to this film. The fighting choreography by Scott Adkins looks outstanding, and the fight scenes are incredible. I also recommend that you see him in Hard Target 2, the sequel to the Van Damme classic from 1993. Over the years Adkins have worked on many B movies, and it seems that he have plenty of new films coming our way. I finally got a chance to watch one of his latest films called Accident Man on DVD. This is a film i know that he personally loved to make, so i was excited to see what this could be. The only thing i knew was that the film is based on a British comic book. With a legendary action Icon in the lead role, in a completely different movie genre this time, is Accident Man a surprise or a failure ?

Mike Fallon ( Scott Adkins ) is a professional hitman, who is not afraid to take on the hardest targets. As a young boy, he learned about a hitman´s work while following Big Ray ( Ray Stevenson ).  When the only woman he ever loved is brutally murdered, he will make sure to revenge her death. But the people he thought he could trust, turns out to be his biggest enemies.

Accident Man is very different from the previous film that Scott Adkins have been in. This is a bit more of a mixture of a British action thriller comedy, that is actually surprisingly funny throughout the film. And i have not seen Scott Adkins do any comedy scenes before, so i have to say he does a pretty good job. The other characters such as Jane The Ripper, Big Ray, Poison Pete, Finicky Fred, Carnage Cliff and plenty of other, all do a great job. Since this film is based on the British comic by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, i can understand if fans of the comics would compare the film with the comics. I have not read the comics, so i am judging this film on it´s own. And i had a good time with this insane hitman film. The good thing about Accident Man, is that it does not look exactly like every other hitman film we have seen so many times. Thanks to the crazy characters, and the unexpected turns, you get a film that manage to stand on it´s own. I think it is a good idea not to make this film too serious, because that would not fit the characters. The story is pretty simple, but it is easy to understand the point of character Mike Fallon sets out to do. The fighting scenes are as always really well made, and Scott Adkins knows how to put up a nice show. Nice to see Michael Jai White in another film with Scott Adkins, and they fight against each other as well. Is there anything missing in here ? Not really, it all depends on what you are looking for. I do feel that the serious scenes feels a bit drawn out, like they are not that important. Instead, it is when the action kicks in when you feel back on track. Director Jesse V. Johnson ( who have directed several films, including the Scott Adkins film Savage Dogs ) have made a entertaining film, especially if you enjoy martial arts mixed with action and comedy. This is not a film that will be appreciated by everyone, but if you just want a great popcorn film to a couple of beers, i recommend you buy this film on Blu Ray or DVD, to support these hard working people. Accident Man is another great Scott Adkins film, i think he deserves his own statue in England ( after all, Van Damme has one in Belgium ).

Rating: DDD

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