fredag 11 maj 2018

A Quiet Place

We all have some kind of handicap. Some have more than others, but it does not really matters. What really matters is that we adjust, and live life instead. Of course some handicaps are a bit more complicated to live with. But with the right help, you can fix almost anything. If you are blind, you have many options to choose between. If you are deaf, you also have plenty of ways to get help. Scientists and doctors are of course working worldwide to improve health care, to help humans in many different ways. And i would not be surprised, that in 25 years forward from now, they might have found new medical ways to make body parts function ever better than expected. You never know what could happen, but i am excited to see how the future is developing many opportunities. In the cinema world, there are plenty of films that takes on the subject of handicapped people. One specific film that i feel is a great example, is the Spanish horror film Julia´s Eyes. Released in 2010 by director Guillem Morales, this is a great horror film, about a woman who have a disease that will make her blind. Her sister killed herself being blind, and now she is about to face the same destiny. But there seems to be something behind the suicide of her sister, as she digs into the truth. Julia´s Eyes is a film you should see, especially if you love Spanish horror films. Another horror film about handicapped, is of course George A. Romero´s film Monkey Shines. A film i feel is not mentioned very often, but deserve attention. An interesting premise, about a man in a drive motors wheelchair, who is offered help at home with a trained monkey to assist him. Of course, things does not go as planned. There is a great Blu Ray release of Monkey Shines from the company Scream Factory with special features, i suggest you pick it up. Early this year i read about a new horror film called A Quiet Place, that seemed to be interesting. Especially when i understood a deaf girl is included in the story, in a film where no one is allowed to talk or make noises. While picking out what to choose for my next cinema visit, i got a chance to see this film on screen. Do we finally have a good start for horror films in this spring, or is this another cash in product, just to make money and not give anything back ?

Over three months in 2020, most of Earth´s human population have been wiped out by sightless creatures, who attacks anything they hear. They are very sensitive to sounds. The Abbott Family, including Evelyn Abbott ( Emily Blunt ), Lee Abbott ( John Kranski ), congenitally deaf daughter Reagan Abbott ( Millicent Simmonds ), brothers Marcus Abbott ( Noah Jupe ) and Beau Abbott ( Cade Woodward ) are survivors, looking for supplies. 4 year old Beau is drawn to a robot toy, that runs on batteries. Lee does not allow his son to take the robot with him, since it could make noises and they might be discovered from the monsters. As they are leaving, Reagan feel sorry for Beau and let him bring the robot with them. While crossing near a bridge, Beau start the robot and is killed by monsters. The family is torn into pieces, loosing their child. A year later, the family is still struggling with the lost of Beau, as they try and survive in their house. But there is a problem, Evelyn is pregnant and will give birth to a child, and if the monsters hear this, they could all be killed. The family have survived so far, but how long will they keep themselves safe, when a new family member arrives ?

I had a feeling that A Quiet Place could be good, but i did not expect that it would be one of the best horror films of 2018, so far. And this is really something i am happy to say, that we do have a quality horror film in cinemas. That does not happen very often, especially a horror film that tries to mix different styles together and do it so well. I think the reason why A Quiet Place manage to deliver such a strong impact, is because of the story. To have a horror film with almost no dialogue, could be very hard to get away with. But this film is very intelligent, and it shows how much potential you can do with the right settings of tools. Just imagine, you can´t speak or make any noise. If you do, the creepy monsters will take you. It may not sound very good while you are reading this review, but once you watch the film i guarantee you will have a great time. This is the kind of horror film that does not try and follow the usual Hollywood block busters, it feels much more constructed in a very dark way. The story may be very simple, but this is good, because it makes the impact of the film feel much more vulnerable. To see a family struggling to survive, with a new baby coming, gives this film a deep emotional tone. The acting in this film is really good. The mother Evelyn Abbott, played really effective by actor Emily Blunt ( who did a fantastic performance in the movie Sicario ), is a character we all can relate to. She cares about everyone, and want to make sure that her family is safe. The father Lee Abbott, played by actor John Krasinski ( who you probably have seen in Matt Damon´s film Promised Land, where John is actually a producer and writer of that film as well ), gives a solid performance as a father who tries to survive, and make sure his family have all they need. One character i really love in this film is the character Reagan Abbott, played really well by teenage actor Millicent Simmonds. Her character who is deaf and use American sign language, is in my opinion the most interesting character in this film. The CGI of the monsters works really well, and the look of them is also filled with creepy details. Director John Krasinski clearly knows exactly what the horror audience wants, and he digs deep with this story, to make sure we are all affected by this very complicated situation around the world. I am really surprised how he managed to make this horror film so effective without almost any dialogue, but this proves that you can do it if you know how to build suspense. If you are a horror fan, you have to run and see A Quiet Place in cinemas. I guarantee you will enjoy it as much as i did. 

Rating: DDDD

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