söndag 9 december 2018

What Movie Will Critics Call The Worst Movie Of 2018 ?

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the amazing movie review guy from Sweden, the country where everyone is obsessed in Anna Books ABC album, actually the only hit album she had with.....2 hits ? I am not sure, i might have to contact Carl Jan Granqvist for further information. So the final reviews of the year are on the way, and as i am counting now i might have 6 reviews all together, ready before the year ends, and i will also announce the worst movie i have seen this year. Now, i am curious to see what movie most critics will call the worst movie of 2018 ? Will it be Fifty Shades Freed, or could it be Forever My Girl ? 

I have not seen these films, and i have heard that there is some other titles out there that are terrible such as Show Dogs, Hurricane Heist, A Wrinkle In Time, Truth Or Dare or perhaps Gringo ?

No matter what the lists will look like, i love wathcing the lists of Worst Movies Of The Year, because you know that the movie reviewers will be so upset, and pissed by the time they get to number 1, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Something tells me that Fifty Shades Of Freed will be the winner as Worst Movie Of 2018, but i could be wrong. I am really looking forward to see the winner, and if Fifty Shades Freed wins, i will celebrate with champagne, and some more champagne, because that would be worth celebrating. The final movie reviews are coming soon, so i am hope you are excited. And....a special surprise on New Years Eve will also be done. Take care of yourself, have fun with the Christmas balls, and remember, if you are naughty, you get to sit on Santa´s lap. That would make my dreams come true.

Cheers from Daniel

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