torsdag 2 maj 2019


Older people have a lot to tell us, in many different ways. They have seen so much happening in society, they have experienced big historical events, and they have a lot of knowledge that a younger generation can learn from. Unfortunately, here in Sweden i see that older people are not being respected as much as they should be. Since i work in health care, and have worked here for many years, i see some of the problems that should have been taken care of, to make lives for older people as good as possible. Instead i hear politicians promising things they can´t do, they spend the money on champagne party´s and strippers instead. This is the reality folks. When i was in Thailand on vacation, i saw something that made me happy. Thai people really take care of older people, no matter where they are from. And i could tell that they respect older people, doing everything they can to make their lives better. This is the way it should be in Sweden. When i think of films that brings up the subject about becoming older. There are quite many great titles to choose between, but especially one film came to my mind right away. The 2002 film About Schmidt, with legendary actor Jack Nicholson, tells the story of retired Warren Schmidt, who decides to go on a road trip after his wife passed away. This is a charming drama comedy, how hard it can be when you are old and lonely, but this film also shows that you can take chances in life. Jack Nicholson is brilliant as Warren Schmidt and give us a realistic look on how quickly life can change, and how you deal with this. If you have not seen About Schmidt, i suggest you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray, or if you find it on Netflix. Recently i was reading some movie reviews on a British film called Tucked. I found the story fascinating, telling the story of an old man struggling with cancer. Since i love British films, is Tucked another highlight you should see, or is this a film that should have been better ?

Draq queen Jackie ( Derren Nesbitt ) loves to entertain the audience. But after some serious health issues, he is forced to visit a doctor. He finds out he have cancer, and the cancer have spread too far, and the doctors can´t do anything. He is given a very short period to live. Jackie becomes close friend with drag queen Faith ( Jordan Stephens ), who is very sad over the news of Jackie´s health.  Faith sleeps in his car, and this is something Jackie can not accept, so he asks Faith to live with him. They build up a friendship, as Jackie struggles with his health problems, while he is trying to connect with his daughter Lily ( April Pearson ). Will Jackie live life until his time is running out, or is it too late ?

It is not often i see a really funny drama film, that also manage to touch your heart. But this is exactly what Tucked manage to do. You have a story of old man Jackie, who loves to perform as a woman but is very lonely in his private life. You see his daily struggles, trying to deal with his cancer, while trying to perform as long as possible. There is a very realistic portrait here, of how it can be to grow old. But this film also manage to show the life of being a draq queen. Lead actor Derren Nesbitt ( who played Inspector Grosse in the 1990 comedy Bullseye! with Roger Moore and Michael Caine ) as drag queen Jackie is absolutely brilliant. He really manage to balance the comedy and the dramatic scenes in a very professional way. To be honest, i think that this is the best acting i have seen Derren Nesbitt do in his career, he is seriously really good here. Draq queen Faith ( really good acting from Jordan Stephens ) becomes the close friend to Jackie, and this film really shows that you can find friends, no matter what age you are. One of the things i feel this film does well, is to show that it is never too late to fix things in your life that you regret. You may not be able to change the past, but you can make it right now. Director Jamie Patterson have made a film that is needed to be seen by all ages in society. We need to show the world that it is ok to be who you are, and no matter what happens in your life you can never give up to enjoy yourself. Tucked is a film that i will not forget, because this film touched my heart more than most films does these days. A really well made drama comedy that shows you why we need to respect older people, and also let them live their lives in any way they want. I suggest you pick up Tucked on DVD or Blu Ray in online stores, and see this film with the whole family. This is the best drama comedy i have seen this year so far.

Rating: DDDD

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