fredag 25 oktober 2019

In December, Let´s Celebrate 15 Years Of Napoleon Dynamite

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, yeah that fantastic Swedish movie review guy, and yes i am the biggest Jason Donovan fan ever. So of course i will be going to his 2020 Great Britain and Ireland tour, some of us swedes have very good taste ( ask Mona Sahlin, she will confirm this ).

Anyway, i just remembered that the cult classic independent film Napoleon Dynamite, has turned 15 years old. Wow, 15 years has passed since this film changed my life completely. So of course we have to celebrate this in December, by doing a 15 Years Anniversary Review of Napoleon Dynamite. Since the year is getting closer to an end soon, i have to figure out what reviews i will publish before New Years Eve, but this is one of them i am really sure about. New movie reviews will be coming in November, so stay tuned for that and i guarantee there will be some treats for everyone. Have a fantastic weekend, and rememeber, Jason Donovan Great Britain Tour 2020 is the best thing happening next year, anyone who says no are just afraid to admit that they love him.

Cheers from Daniel!

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