torsdag 26 december 2019

The Worst Movie Of 2019

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, your favourite Swedish movie critic ever. Really ? Yes, just ask the Kardashians and they will confirm this. I have just celebrated Christmas, so im a little bit tired from all the Christmas food, but the alcohol helped. 2019 is coming to an end, and i have seen some really good films this year in many different categories. Of course i did not enjoy every single film i watched, and especially one film was really bad. So when i was thinking about what film i would choose as the worst film of 2019, it was not so hard to figure out what title i would choose. And my choice is... 

The Least Of These

This film should have been more interesting considering there is a horrible tragedy surrounding the story of Graham Staines, who were killed with his two young boys in India. But this film have no depth, no emotional scenes, and especially really bad acting. The Least Of These is a film you will forget so quickly, because there is nothing that leaves an impact with this story. Actor Stephen Baldwin is so stiff, that you might ask yourself if he really wanted to do the role of Graham Staines. I understand if director Aneesh Daniel wanted to tell this tragic story, but he does not seem to focus on doing this film more dramatic, instead of making it very boring. There are also some scenes where we are supposed to feel an emotional impact, but you are left feeling nothing at all. The Least Of These is one of those films that i don't really understand the point with, since this should have been an intetesting film when you know the true story behind what happened. 

So if you wondered what film to skip this year, then don't see The Least Of These. The last reviews of this year are coming within a few days, so keep your eyes open and i will see you soon. 

Cheers from Daniel

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