måndag 13 juli 2020

Don´t Let Them In

Most people lock their doors nowdays, no matter if they are going to the store, to work, or just for a visit somewhere. Because in these days, you can´t really trust everyone. Someone might try and get into your appartment, or your house, to steal things, or try to find something out of value. I can tell you that here in Sweden, we have had problems with house burglary in certain cities. Usually it turned out to be a criminal league behind these crimes. There was even a criminal league who stole boat motors at my grandfather´s cabin, at the harbour where his boat is. Luckily they captured this criminal league, and everything turned out alright for my grandfather. But what do you do, when your home is suddenly exposed of a home invasion, by someone unkown ? We have seen a number of films that brings up this subject, in many different ways. One of my personal favourite home invasion films, is without a doubt the 2011 film You´re Next, directed by Adam Wingard ( who also directed the American thriller The Guest, worth checking out  ). You´re Next may start as an ordinary family reunion, until the family is visited by masked people, who start killing any family member that they can. You´re Next is a really well made slasher film, that especially stands out because of the very strong female character Erin ( played really well by actress Sharni Winson ). You´re Next is a very brutal, and well made horror film that knows exactly what kind of audience this film is made for. And that is for fans of home invasion films, and this is without a doubt one of the best films in this genre. If you pick up the Blu Ray, there are some nice special features that you should take a look at. Since i enjoy home invasion films, i came across a film known as Don´t Let Them In, that have been getting positive reviews from different film critics. Since i enjoy the genre of home invasion films, is this one of the better releases in this genre in recent years, or is Don´t Let Them In as predictable as romantic comedy with Hugh Grant ?

Jenna ( Michelle Luther ) and Karl ( Aidan O´Neill ) are social workers. Their last case of the week involves checking on David ( Scott Suter ) a mentally challenged man recently released after 15 years after killing a young girl. Jenna and Karl notice that David believe there is someone out there, who wants to get in. They will soon find out that he is telling the truth, but there is a lot more to be revealed, that may give a bigger picture of what really happened in this village.

The idea to have social workers as the main characters in this film is a really good idea. I don´t think i have ever seen these types of characters in any kind of home invasion films so far, so this helps Don´t Let Them In stand out from the ordinary releases in this genre. But there are also more details to be pleased about, when it comes to this film. This is not a typical home invasion film, since these social workers are attacked in a home that is not their own. Usually in the case of this genre, it is mostly set in the home of the main characters, but not this film. This is also something i appreciate, that this film takes a different turn than other films in this genre. This film also use some brutal practical effects, and since i am a big fan of practical effects, i appreciate their efforts to use this instead of CGI effects. Let´s get into the characters, and i have to start with the male character Karl ( played wonderful by Irish actor Aidan O´Neill ). He deliver a really funny performance as social worker Karl, who has great comedy timing, and knows exactly how to give his character the right tools to work so well on screen. I really hope we will see more of Aidan O´Neill in the future, because this is an actor you should know about. Actress Michelle Luther as the social worker Jenna, gives a natural and great performance that fits well with her character. The chemistry between these main characters are actually one of the reasons why i enjoy Don´t Let Them In. I think it is a really good idea to let the story take place in the countryside, in a pub that´s been closed for many years. This gives the location some sort of historical connections, that remain secret. The masked characters ( that turn out to be non human ) may not be as effective as in You´re Next, but they still manage to blend in with the plot of the film. Director Mike Dunkin have made a full feature directorial debut film that clearly shows that he knows how to make a solid horror film, mixed with a good sense of humour. If you want to watch a good independent horror film this summer, i suggest you pick up Don´t Let Them In on DVD, that will be released on 20th July ( if you want a Region 2 DVD ). I had no high expectations, but i have to say this film surprised me. Cheers everyone, i might lock myself up this weekend, just in case we get a home invasion visit from crazy masked Norwegians. Good thing i have my rocket launcher next to my bed.

Rating: DDD

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