onsdag 11 november 2020

Blood Vessel

When ever you hear about nazis, you instantly think about World War II. Nazi Germany killed so many people, for what? Nazis would guaranteed try and tell you one good reason for what they did, but we all know they are all garbage. They still exist in this world, unfortunately. All you need to do is look at some of the European political parties, such as NPD ( National Democratic Party Of Germany ), and you will find connections to nazis for many generations of members in this political party, and they still keep going with their racism mentality. Of course they will never stop, since they believe they know what Germany needs to do to become a great nation again ( this is a warning sign for sure, right? ) Nazis in films can be found in many different kinds of films, and in many different genres. But when it comes to horror films with nazis, we do have some highlights to choose between. I decided to pick out one specific film that may not show World War II, but is connected with the history, when dead nazis return to life in the 2008 horror film Outpost. I still remember when Outpost was released on DVD 12 years ago, and i picked this film up right away. The story of Outpost is about a group of soldiers, who go on a mission in Eastern Europe to scoop out an old military bunker. And this is where things go terribly wrong. Outpost combines a more modern military film, with World War II horror influences in a surprisingly good way. I have to mention that director Steve Barker did a great job with the location of the bunker. It feels like he took the time to make the bunker look realistic, and it also feels like a bunker that could have looked like this in World War II. I also enjoy the scenes where Steve film the dead nazis standing in the woods, as they are looking for their prey. Outpost is definetely worth a look on DVD if you love war films combines with horror ingredients. Since i have seen quite many titles over the years with nazis in horror films, i saw the poster this summer of a new horror film called Blood Vessel. It looked really interesting, and i loved the idea of vampires with nazi influences, how can anyone say no to that? Is this the best horror film of 2020, or is Blood Vessel unfortunately not as good as i was hoping it would be?

 At the end of World War II, a group of soldiers who are drifting out in the sea, come across an abandoned ship. It turns out to be a ship that is owned by nazis. But everyone is found dead on board, except for a small girl. What happened on board this ship?

I have heard some positive things about Blood Vessel from other critics, but i am really impressed how this film team managed to pull this off in such a good way. It is not very often you see a really good nazi horror movie ( Overlord may be one of the best in this genre ), and especially not when vampires are included. But this film does not only manage to show us old school vampires that looks really good, but the combination of having them on a nazi ship is a really good idea. And for that i got to say that i seriously doubt there is any other vampire film this year that can deliver such an entertaining film as Blood Vessel. The ship itself looks great, and especially the details on board the ship such as nazi equipment, vampire weapons, nazi gold and much more, that lands really well with the plot. One of the things i an really thankful for, is that the cast of Blood Vessel do a really good job with their characters. And one thing i have to mention, is that each character are very different from each other, and that is something you appreciate seeing when they are stuck on a ship like this. They all have knowledge on different things, and that may be their biggest help in this horrible situation. Let´s get into the characters for a bit. Alexander Cooke ( who some of you might recognize from Australian TV mini series Sunshine ) plays the character Alexander Teplov, a man you can clearly see have had a rough Life, wich Alexander manage to bring out through his performance. Mark Diaco plays the character Jimmy Bigelow, a man who fall easily for temptations, and Mark gives us an image of this personality that a lot of us can relate to. Actress Alyssa Sutherland ( that you all know from TV series Vikings ) is exactly what this film needed, a woman with both intelligence and a big heart. The make up effects on the vampires are the best i have seen in many years, so this is a really big surprise for me. They have clearly worked hard to make sure the vampires would leave a big impact. Director Justin Dix have not only made the best vampire film of this year, but he manage to combine this story with World War II and vampires in a much more effective way than we have seen in many similar films. Blood Vessel may be a low budget film, but looks a lot better than a lot of big budget horror films, have a lot better acting, and most of all really professional make up effects. A must buy if you love vampire films, Blood Vessel is one of the big winners this year in the horror genre.

Rating: DDDD

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