torsdag 4 februari 2021

Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

I have heard that some people say that Swedish people are stiff, or should i say boring at times. But i can guarantee that this is not true. How do i know that? First of all i am born here in Sweden, and trust me, i have seen plenty of nudist people walking around here downtown, does that sound boring? But the best evidence i have is of course if you visit the small community of Munkedal. So what makes this place special? There are several details i could tell you, but let´s start of that this is a classic location for moonshine, and have been since i was a teenager in the late 80´s. Everybody knew that if you want to get moonshine, you go to Munkedal. This was also the place where women were crazy, so if you wanted to see boobs, you went to Munkedal as well. But the most important detail about this location, is that if you insulted anyone from Munkedal, you would easily be chopped up into pieces or.....split in half with an axe. That´s just the way tradition is over there, so i always respected the local folks when i visted. I never really understood why some of the older men in Munkedal asked me to remove my pants, because they needed to see if i had thick legs. And it definetely did not make any sense, since they seemed to be checking my package instead. I suppose they just did a healthy inspection, that would make sense. So yes, if you want to see the wild side of Sweden, you just go to Munkedal. Slasher films in the forest can be found in a hell of a lot of titles in the B movie world. and we have so many titles to pick. But between. So i decided to pick out one film that i really appreciate, and that is the 2006 film known as Hatchet, from director Adam Green. A fun slasher horror comedy, where a group of people go on a ghost tour boat ride in Mardi Gras, where they encounter the brutal killer Victor Crawley. If you are a fan of slasher films, then Hatchet is definetely a film for you. It has brutal kills, and also include legendary horror icons such as Kane Hodder, Robert Englund and Tony Todd. Worth buying on DVD or Blu Ray, if you are planning for a horror night. Since i have seen a lot of slasher horror films over the years, i have enjoyed seeing films such as The Redwood Massacre from 2014. Now we have a sequel here, called Redwood Massacre: Annihilation. Is this sequel even better than the first film, or should this sequel should have been cancelled before production?

Max ( Damien Puckler ) is obsessed with the Redwood murders, that he even found the Redwood killer´s mask. He approach author Tom Dempsey ( Jon Campling ) who have just released his book, where he writes about the Redwood killings. Max show Tom that he have the mask, and he clearly wants to find out more about the Redwood killer. Since Tom is really interested in finding more clues of the killer, he gather a team, including his own daughter Laura Dempsey ( Danielle Harris ), to investigate a certain forest area

If you are fed up with all the TV showings that the Step Up films get on TV ( there are actually 5 films in this franchise, how is this possible? ) then i have some good news for you. Redwood Massacre: Annihilation is exactly what we needed to forget about all the Step Up sequels, and just get a classic slasher film instead. But the most positive thing about this sequel, is that this film is actually better than the first film. This is something we don´t see very often these days, since many sequels struggle to be a worthy sequel. But in the case of Redwood Massacre: Annihilation, there are several details that makes this film better. First of all this film have a better plot than the first film. The first film is a traditional slasher, enjoyable but does not bring any surprises to the genre. This film tries to actually tell a story, that´s connected to the first film, but still manage to continue the story of this killer, in a different way than the first film. Another detail that this film also does better, is give us more interesting characters than in the first film. The first film had more typical slasher film characters, while this sequel tries to go in a different direction, with a more serious tone. And i appreciate that, considering that this could have been just a sequel, easy to forget. There are especially two characters that i enjoy in this film, and let us begin with legendary actress Danielle Harris ( who i remember from a lot of films, especially from Halloween 4 and of course The Last Boy Scout ) as the character Laura Dempsey. She´s a woman who don´t take any shit from anyone, and this is exactly what i wanted to see, as she is fighting against the killer. The other character i enjoy is Gus, the gun crazy dude, played by actor Gary Kasper. He is the kind of guy you would want to invite to the party, to make sure you have a good time. There are some great kills in this film, and i appreciate the brutal practical effects, especially in the body chopping scenes. Director David Ryan Keith directed the first film, and he directs this sequel as well. The difference this time is that he actually deliver a horror film that works better, and feels more professional than the first film. A sequel you should see, if you are a fan of slasher films, Redwood Massacre: Annihilation hits the target, much better than you might expect.

Rating: DDD

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