onsdag 12 maj 2021

Sharks Of The Corn

There are some actors in this world who are not only unique, but they have a personality that you will love right from the start. That kind of actor who will capture you with a magic smile, you will not want to leave your seat. When you see the impact that one actor can do, if they are given a very strong script, and with very dramatic dialogue. And one of those actors is without a doubt Rebecca Rinehart. So what makes her so unique? There are a number of things that we should mention.

* She can play any kind of character and capture her performance in a realistic way.

* Rebecca is always serious about her work, you will never see her undressed in any of her films. If that would happen, don´t expect it to happen again.

* No matter what the scene is, Rebecca will give everything in her performance, that you will get emotional and you might not sleep at all, because she is that good in giving serious performances. Do not expect her to accept roles that are not serious, we are talking about a professional actor here.

Sounds incredible right? I know, it does for sure. Rebecca is incredible busy, both being an actress and she is also directing. One of the films that she is the director for, is a film called Tin Roof. I suggest that you look after the Facebook page of Tin Roof, to stay updated on what´s going on with the film. She have several films coming up later this year such as Supernatural Assassins, Sharkago, Scarlett and many more, so we have a lot of films to look forward to. I recently sat down and thought to myself, if i could choose Rebecca in a western film, what would it be and who would play her husband in the film? Knowing that Rebecca only choose serious film projects, i had to combine certain elements to make this film both serious, and feel that this would be a film she would be interested in doing. I did not have to think long, until i found out the perfect plot, and the right male actor. First of all her husband would be played by Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo, because something tells me that they would have perfect chemistry on screen. The plot would be about a couple, living out in the prairie, finds out that their preacher is actually a homosexual, and their small town is completely shocked. How will they go on living a normal life after this? Can the town become the friendly loving town that they used to be? A very interesting plot, and a perfect cast choice for the lead characters. We will of course see if Kevin Sorbo would be interested in doing a film like this, there is a chance he would say yes. Who knows what the future will hold? I was one of the lucky ones to get a copy of Rebecca´s film Sharks In The Corn on Blu ray, a film i have been looking forward to see. Just the idea of sharks in a corn field, is perhaps one of the most brillant film ideas in recent years. Is this film the masterpiece i was hoping for, or is Sharks Of The Corn even worse than anyone would have expected?

A corn field, one of the few places that should be one of the most safe places to be in, no matter what´s going on in this world. Until now, when great white sharks have invaded a corn field, the American dream is under threat, and somebody has to do something, or we will all be screwed.

If you have been worried that there will not be any worthy summer movies to watch this year, i can tell you right now that you are very lucky. Sharks Of The Corn is definetely a worthy pick to celebrate summer, in the best possible way. This film have a bit of everything, that i am pretty sure even Kevin Sorbo fans will appreciate. Let´s begin with what this film manage to do in a positive way. First of all seeing a shark attacking in a corn field, and survive without water, shows you that this project is definetely taken very serious. And i love it when a film maker decide to make a film, that actually makes perfect sense. I also love some of the shark attack scenes, who are made on a limited budget, but still becomes enjoyable. The acting in this film is divided. You have some very serious acting in some scenes, while in other scenes it feels like some of the actors are just here to get paid. So i really appreciate the actors who took their roles seriously, because that actually make you understand the characters in a different way. What about the plot? I would say that this is actually quite a clever plot, considering that we are basically in a corn field most of the time, and to make that work you have to have a well written plot to make it function. Rebecca Rinehart is not the lead actress in this film, but the scenes that we do get to see her in, proves once more why she could be one of the most serious actors of our time. Anything negative? The length of this film could be questioned, if we really needed it to be this long. Let´s say if they would have made this 10 minutes shorter, and i actually believe this film would have been even more fun. Other than that, i had a good time with Sharks Of The Corn. It is that kind of B movie that was made for people like me, who appreciate serious film projects. Director Tim Ritter have clearly been inspired by the 1997 film Free Willy 3: The Rescue, one of the greatest sequels ever made. How do i know that he have been inspired by this specific film? Well, you can just feel it as you watch Sharks Of The Corn, the connection between this film and Free Willy 3 is so obviously clear, and i love that. And for that i thank you Tim Ritter, not every director would show the world why Free Willy 3 actually did affect us all, on a personal level. If you are planning to have fun this summer, you should check out Sharks Of The Corn, and i guarantee your summer barbecue with family will end even more perfect, than you ever could have imagined.

Rating: DDD

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