onsdag 22 juni 2022


There are actors who can do all kinds of genres, and still deliver through their performances, no matter what the plot is about. One of those actors who have proved that many times, is legendary actor John Cusack. This is a man who have done so many wonderful films over the years, it would take me forever to go through the list. So i decided to pick one of my personal favourite films with John Cusack. And that is the 1997 action comedy known as Point Blank Grosse from director George Armitare. This is one of those films i can rewatch over and over, and still enjoy it just as much as i did back in 1997. Grosse Point Blank tells the story of professional assassin Martin Blank ( John Cusack ), is preparing for a job, when his assistant, Marcella ( Joan Cusack ), inform him that he has received an invitation to his ten-year high school reunion. The job goes bad for Martin, when he is forced to shoot the target, when it was supposed to look like the victim would die of natural causes. His client demands that he makes amends by killing a Federal witness in Detroit, Michigan, close to his hometown Grosse Pointe, where the reunion is taking place. Eventually Martin decides to go to the high school reunion, but how will he keep his secret that he is an assassin? Grosse Point Blanke is not only a funny film, but this film also have some really good characters included. I also feel that this film manage to capture the true spirit of a high school reunion, since you never know what have happened over all of those years. Have everyone changed, or are some of your former class mates just the same? This is definetely worth checking out on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, YouTube or anywhere else you can watch the film. Some of you may remember actor Emile Hirsch from films such as Into The Wild, Milk, Killer Joe and The Autopsy Of Jane Doe. We can find both John Cusack and Emile Hirsch in an action film, simply called Pursuit. I decided to pick up a DVD copy to check out the film, so the question is, is this one of the better action films of 2022, or is it much worse than i expected?

Detective Mike Braslin ( Jake Manley ) crosses path with Rick Calloway ( Emile Hirsch ), a ruthless hacker who´s trying to save his kidnapped wife from a drug cartel. But when things don´t go completely as planned, Rick is forced to find another solution.

I really tried going into Pursuit with an open mind, when you see that this film has a pretty good cast. I thought i might find something to be positive about this film. But i have to be honest and say, this could be the worst film i have seen so far in 2022. As an action film, Pursuit does not have one single exciting action scene. There is not one moment where i felt that the action sequences worked at all. It is almost like this film was made, just to cash in on the Hollywood stars, hoping to sell a lot of DVD´s and Blu Ray´s. What you get is an action film that does not really care about the characters, or the action scenes as well. Every time you hear dialogue between the main characters, it is extremely easy to fall asleep. The acting performances does not have any depth at all, and they seemed bored themselves standing in front of the camera. Especially John Cusack, who does not seem to care at all. It is almost as if he is just waiting to get paid, so he can leave the set and enjoy himself at a night club visit instead. What about the plot? There is actually an interesting plot here, if it was made with passion for the right kind of characters. But the plot is not constructed in a clever way, and you loose interest from an early start. To see actor Emile Hirsch with a face tatoo, playing a professional computer hacker, is a very odd combination. If he actually tried to deliver an interesting character, i might have been more interested. But not even he seems interested in making this film, so he basically deliver dialogue, just as stiff as Donald Trump Jr´s ranting videos. We have to talk about the shooting scenes for a while. Have you ever seen an action film with so boring shooting scenes, that you wonder why they didn´t even try? And that is exactly how you will feel while watching Pursuit. Director Brian Skiba ( who directed Beverly Hills Christmas with Dean Cain ) probably had a cool idea on paper, too bad he could not make it work in the actual film. If you did not think you could find a film that will help you with a good night´s sleep, this is the film you are looking for. Pursuit is the best sleeping pill you could find this year on the market, and that is the only positive thing i can say about this film. Pursuit may be the worst film of the year, and i suppose that might make someone happy, at least that is something worth celebrating. Champagne anyone?

Rating: D

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