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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

If you have read some of my earlier movie reviews from the past, you may have noticed i enjoy comic books made into feature films. Not all of them, i think most of us try to forget Catwoman. There are so many classic comic book characters, how many of you don´t love Christopher Nolan´s 3 Batman movies ? They could easily be some of the best comic book adaptions ever in motion pictures. One comic book character, that may not be the biggest classic of them all, but still remain an Icon, is Spider Man. The story of Peter Parker who is bitten by a spider and have special Powers, is a beloved comic book and loved on the big screen. When director Sam Raimi decided to do his version of Spider Man in 2002, movie critics praised him for his visual style and for the lead actor Tobey Maguire. There were something special about the visualn style that Sam Raimi brought to the character. He knew exactly what Spider Man should be, a warm hearted guy but not afraid to face dangerous situations. I have to say Spider Man 2 is even better than the first motion picture, much because the evil character Dr Octopus, played by brilliant Alfred Molina. Spider Man 3 still delivered entertainment, but i felt that the magic was fading away. Maybe Sam Raimi felt that he had enough, because he choosed not to continue with another Spider Man movie. But then 5 years later, a decision was made, it is time to reboot Spider Man again. I asked myself the question, why would you do that after 5 years ? I suppose it is all about money. But i decided to look at The Amazing Spider-Man with the new actor Andrew Garfield. He was actually good as Spider Man, but the movie did not reach the same level as Sam Raimi managed to deliver. The director Marc Webb, who did the very original motion picture 500 Days Of Summer, tried to bring his version of Spider Man, with very different results. Now he is back as director again in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and of course Andrew Garfield is back as Peter Parker. Since i felt a little dissapointed last time, is this sequel better than last time, or is this another sequel that did not succeed to please me ?

Peter Parker ( Andrew Garfield ) continue to help citizens from criminals as Spider Man. Lately he stopped the evil Aleksei Systevich ( Paul Giamatti ), as he tried to steal a truck filled with plutonium vials. Once again, Spider Man manage to stop another maniac. Meanwhile Peter´s big love Gwen Stacy ( Emma Stone ) is holding a speech at their high school graduation ceremony. Peter shows up late, but manage to get his diploma. Peter´s Aunt May ( Sally Field ) is so proud of Peter, but she keep her eyes on him, because he can get himself into trouble. Spider Man have many fans, but one man is obsessed with him. His name is Max Dillon ( Jamie Foxx ), and ever since Spider Man saved him, he thinks about him 24 hours a day. Max works at Oscorp Industries as an electric engineer. But people think that Max is becoming more odd, and his obsession for Spider Man is becoming too big. Peter´s old friend Harry Osborn returns to Manhattan, to see his ill father Norman Osborn ( Chris Cooper ), CEO of Oscorp. Harry is informed that he also carry the same virus, as his father, and it will eventually make him worse also. Norman dies, and Harry becomes the new CEO of Oscorp. One day, while Max is trying to fix a problem, when he falls down a tank filled with electric eels. He survive but is no longer human, he is now known as Electro. With his powers, he can control anything. Spider Man tries to talk to him, but with no luck. He want to revenge everyone, and especially kill Spider Man. Peter is so sad when Gwen tell him she is going to England to study. She is all he ever wanted to have by his side. Harry meet up with Peter, to see if he can help him with his illness. Peter refuse, since it could be too dangerous, so Harry have an idea. He will use Electro to have his demands become reality, he will find a cure.

While i walked in to the cinema, i did not have any high expectations towards this sequel. I am happy to say that director Marc Webb have managed to improve many details since last time. I would still say Sam Raimi´s vision of Spider Man is more impressive, but Marc Webb have tried to make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 both bigger and more powerful in the storyline. Andrew Garfield still fit the character of Peter Parker, and he tries to bring in more comedy to some scenes. This is a very good idea, since Spider Man is supposed to joke at some points, just like he does in the comic books. Another good surprise is Jamie Foxx as the villain Electro, if he could have had more fights with Spider-Man, it would have been even more fun. Dane Dehaan does a really good performance as Harry Osborn, i would even go as far and say he is the most powerful character here. Now, to a problem. Remember i mentioned i enjoyed Sam Raimi´s visual look of Spider Man ? This is something that director Marc Webb have a problem with, he simply can´t make this better than Sam Raimi and try to bring his own touch. It does work for the most part, but not for 2 hours and 20 minutes. With that said i still feel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is better than the previous movie. Better storyline, better special effects, and stronger characters. Andrew Garfield still have that special connection to the audience, while he swings through the buildings. If you love comic book action, i know you will enjoy this sequel. I have to go now, i heard there are terrorists invading City Gross in Bosvedjan, don´t tell anyone i am Spider Man.......promise.

Rating: DDD

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