söndag 27 juli 2014

The Raid 2: Berandal

A couple of years ago, i started reading about a motion picture from Indonesia called The Raid. Movie critics were going insane, calling this the best action film in many years, a completely mind blowing experience. Once i sat down to see The Raid on blu ray, i was sure that i was in heaven. I have seen so many raw action movies over the last 24 years, and The Raid could be the most brutal action film i have experienced. Every fight is so massive, so brutal, that it was like paradise. You could probably say that if one motion picture would give men all ages orgasm, The Raid is the perfect choice. But wait a second, Steven Seagal says he can take anyone down ? Uhhhm, i would like to see him fight against these guys, his swinging arms would be ripped off in 15 seconds. The Raid: Redemption is still today one of the greatest action films, there is no other title out there who will defeat this classic film. So i was not surprised to hear that a sequel was coming. But i was not upset, i thought to myself, what if they can make as great sequel on these strong characters, and stíll make it different ? So here we are with The Raid 2: Berandal, with the same director of the first film, Gareth Evans. Lead actor Iko Uwais is also back, as undercover SWAT police member Rama. Since i really loved the first motion Picture, is there a possibility that i love this sequel also, or should they have made one film only and left it alone ?

Rama ( Iko Uwais ) managed to survive the massacre last time, in the crime lord Tama Riyadi´s building. But even if he survived, and is protected by police, he is still in danger, as well as his wife and daughter. So a meeting is arranged between Rama and Bunawar ( Cok Simbra ),  chief of Jakarta's anti-corruption task force. Bunawar offer Rama to be a part of his anti-corruption task force, as they plan to expose police comissioner Reza ( Roy Marten ). Reza have made many illegal deals with criminals of Bangu and Goto gangs He is not sure about if he should join, but realise this could be the best way to deal with the situation, since his family is threatened. In order to get Reza, they need to send Rama inside a prison, undercover, under the name of Yuda. The first step is to get connected with Bangun's son Uco ( Arifin Putra ), who can help Yuda get the right connections. Yuda prove himself in prison to be a tough survivor, so Uco give Yuda a chance, to join his team. After Yuda and Uco is let out of prison, Uco arrange a meeting with his father Bangun ( Tio Pakusadewo ), a mob boss, who runs the Bangun gang. He let Yuda work for the gang, to prove himself. Everything seems to be going as planned, since Yuda is not detected as an undercover police officer. Until the mission is finished, there is no security that Rama will survive. He is prepared to complete what he started.

The Raid: Redemption is as i mentioned earlier, a fantastic action film. If you loved the fight scenes in the first motion picture, be ready for some more fantastic fight scenes at different locations. The Raid 2: Berendal continue to deliver amazing action scenes, with some of the most brutal fight scenes in many years. Lead actor Iko Uwais is back, and he fights so amazing you never want him to stop. But he can actually act also, and this proves why he fit so good in his character Rama. One of the biggest differences in this sequel, is that there is actually a good plot here. The story between criminals and gang members is quite strong, and feel heavier than last time. Director Gareth Evans tries to tell a much darker story, with a wider perspective on the criminal gang world. And this is the biggest advantage for The Raid 2, storywise this is an improvment. Arifin Putra, as the son of Bangun leader Tio Pakusadewo, is also a good choice. I would say that i enjoyed the first film a little bit more, but still i would recommend that you see The Raid 2. If you love martial arts and action combined, you will guaranteed love this. Best action film of the year so far, i have a hard time to think that anything will beat this film in this genre. Grab a baseball bat, prepare your fist to attack, this is a celebration of video violence for all of us who grew up with classic action martial arts films.

Rating: DDDD

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