måndag 10 oktober 2016

A Personal Story To Share

People are inspired by many different things.  It can be books, through sports, music, or just meeting people.  For me the biggest inspiration in my life, have always been films.  Ever since my early childhood i watched films in all categories, even the ones i was not supposed to see.  When I was around 16 i started trying to write my own movie reviews on paper, writing it all with a simple pencil.  At the time,  i always turned into the movie review tv program Ronnys Rullar on swedish tv channel Kanal 5. Ronny Svensson was the best movie review guy, and he was just like me, watching everything coming out on VHS. I started being more interested in writing movie reviews in early 2001, as I began writing down reviews on my computer.  I took a long break in writing reviews for many years, until around 2010. After watching one episode of South Park, where the kids made a tv news program called Super Sexy Action News.  

This gave me a fantastic idea. 

Why not start my own movie review page with Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews?  So i did after almost a year later.  And now for 5 years i have been writing movie reviews in here,  and i am very grateful for this blog.  This is my way to express my thoughts, my own view on films from all over the world. No matter what you love doing,  dont let anyone tell you what you should not do.  I followed my own instincts and made this page.

Thank you everyone worldwide for reading my reviews,  you are all awsome,  and it means a lot to me.  

See you soon in here with some fresh movie reviews. 

Cheers from Daniel 

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