onsdag 19 oktober 2016

Swiss Army Man

Child actors who become very popular in big Hollywood films, have a lot of work to do to stay in the industry. They have to find a way to get auditions, and make sure that they find projects that interest them. Since the movie industry is very demanding, i can only imagine how hard it must be as a child actor, being in this business. There are of course many child actors we could mention, but let´s focus on two of them. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. The 80´s seemed to be a time period where The Two Coreys were unstoppable, The Goonies, Silver Bullet, Lucas, The Lost Boys, License To Drive, so many films became classics at that time. Unfortunately we lost Corey Haim a couple of years ago, and i will always remember him for his work. Corey Feldman have continued working in the industry and have released several films, and now lately focus on his music career with the album Angelic 2 The Core. I suggest you go in and buy the album at this adress.


One child star that made headlines worldwide, as he was chosen as Harry Potter in the film adaptations of the books by J.K. Rowling, was a young boy named Daniel Radcliffe. He became a huge Hollywood star, and the Harry Potter films was enormously popular worldwide. I have seen all the films of course, and i have to say that i enjoyed all of them, some more than others. I think of of the reasons why most people loved the Harry Potter films, was all the characters that we all remember. As the final Harry Potter film came out, Daniel Radcliffe had to find other projects where he would feel comfortable with. And he did, as he also took some chances. Especially with the horror film The Woman In Black, where i think he did do a good job with his character. He also did a film called Horns, a film that combined a mix of fantasy and horror. Not his best work, but still nice to see him try other paths. Daniel have been working in theatre plays as well, and i have not seen one of them so far. I might have to try and see if i can experience this one day. When i read early of spring about a film called Swiss Army Man, and read what the film is about, i found myself very curious. This seemed to be a very odd project, especially with Daniel Radcliffe included in the cast. Since i always try and check out smaller films, this was one of the films i have been looking forward to see. I finally got a chance to sit down to experience Swiss Army Man. Is this as good as i was hoping, or is this a big failure on many levels ?

Hank ( Paul Dino ) is stuck on an island, and is about to hang himself. But suddenly he notice a corpse being flushed up on the beach, as he decide to cancel his hanging. He decides to use the corpse constant farts to try and travel on the ocean, but fails. They both end up at the same island again. Hank tries to communicate with the corpse, but with no luck at all. Until, one day, when the corpse begin to speak. He is named Manny ( Daniel Radcliffe ), and he have no idea where he is from, or why he is here. Hank tries to learn Manny things, as they live on the island. Hank finally have a idea, he will use Manny´s erection as a compass, and this will take them to the ordinary society. Manny wants to help Hank meet Sarah, a woman he have been in love for in a long time. But how will Manny learn to adjust in a society, being brought back to life ? Can he fit in with ordinary people ?

I had a feeling that Swiss Army Man would be a very special film. And this is indeed a very odd film, and i love it. This is the kind of comedy drama film you would not find usually, unless you have a director who really want to do something original. This is a hard film to describe, because i have never seen anything like Swiss Army Man before. And this could also be one of the funniest films i have seen this year, i laughed quite many times. As an example, imagine a corpse being afraid of his own boner ? He is terrified of what is going on, and his friend has to explain what this is. I know this might sound silly, but this is actually a very intelligent drama comedy with a lot more to say than this scene. We have a story of friendship, survival, deep thoughts and understanding life. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe are both really good in the lead roles, especially Daniel Radcliffe as the talking corpse. I will be honest and say that this is his best performance in his movie career. He have never been this good in any of the films he have made so far. Directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have made a film so unique, you will most likely not see anything as original as Swiss Army Man this year. The combination is so odd, you have to admit that this is a truly wonderful experience. They use different genre films, and mix it all together in their own unique way. The way that they tell a story between two men, in very different life circumstances, feels so fresh and tasteful. The music is also one detail i also enjoy, who would have ever thought to hear a beautiful version of Rednex old song Cotton Eye Joe, almost as if Coldplay made it ? There are not many films i see every year that stays in my mind. This film does, and there are plenty of reasons why. Swiss Army Man is a film with such a strong message, and with so much to offer, you have to experience it yourself to understand. Directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert won the best director award in the US Dramatic category at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. They really deserved this award for this wonderful film, and i hope more people will take their time and experience Swiss Army Man. Remember how good you felt watching Little Miss Sunshine and Napoleon Dynamite ? You will find that same feeling while watching Swiss Army Man. This is how a quality film should look like more often.

Rating: DDDD

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