tisdag 28 mars 2017

Don´t Kill It


The country known for Abba, musicals, 38 seasons of Bonde Söker Fru, cult classic films such as Dyke Hard, and of course Johannes Brost, known as the man all middle aged women want. You might have been reading a lot of news about Sweden lately, so let me tell you this. Everything is not bad, because about 10 million swedes are filled in their hearts for the love of one iconic swede. You all know his name, Dolph Lundgren. You can not say Zlatan is the biggest here, if you do, you will most likely be punched in the face. Because everyone should know, this is The Land Of The Dolph, and Zlatan will never fill his shoes. On every street of Stockholm, or in Karlshamn, you will see people dancing around, because they love Dolph. Why does swedish people love Dolph so much ? Because he is Dolph, that´s everything you need in life to be filled with passion. It all started back in 1987, when Dolph Lundgren got his big break as Ivan Drago, the russian war boxing machine, fighting against Sylvester Stallone. Ever since Rocky 4 made him a superstar, Dolph have given us a lot of wonderful films. The list is so long, it would take forever to go through them all. But i suggest we mention just a few, such as the first Universal Soldier film, also including Jean-Claude Van Damme. I also really enjoyed Red Scorpion, a hard hitting action cult film, worth having on blu ray. In more recent years, i think Dolph really proved himself in Skin Trade, a really solid action film with Tony Jaa included. One of the best films i have seen in B movie action in recent years. Dolph have made so many films since the early 80´s, that he never seems to stop. And this is of course something to be happy about. I have followed his career for a long time, and even if he is getting older, he can still kick more ass than most 20 year olds. Since he have been very successfull with The Expendables trilogy, it is nice to see that he still tries to do something different, when he can. Did anyone of you see him in Kindergarten Cop 2 ? Not a classic in any way, but i love the idea of Dolph being a kindergarten teacher. So what would you say if you could see Dolph as a Demon Hunter ? When i first heard about the film Don´t Kill It, i thought the idea was brilliant. So of course i had to check this film out on VOD. Is this another classic Dolph film, or is he desperate to just take any role he can ?

An ancient demon possess people in a small Mississippi town. Familes are found brutally murdered, and police are not sure why ordinary people kill their loved ones. Jebediah Woodley ( Dolph Lundgren ) is a professional demon hunter. He knows what kinds of demons are out there. Agent Evelyn Pierce ( Kristina Klebe ) is working to get these murders solved, but she understands that this is not an ordinary killer. Jebediah knows how to catch demons, but he have a long road ahead of him, to prove that he is actually right. If this is not done correctly, all hell will break loose, completely.

It is very clear, from the first scene we see Dolph show himself as a demon hunter, you know he is where he belongs. His natural way to act, in the way that he can do, is just a simple delight. He does not need to be an Oscar actor, because he always knows how to make his characters. Don´t Kill It is his first horror film, where there are some comedy influneces thrown in. So does Dolph function in horror ? He does, but does this film work ? I would say yes, for the most part. Another actor Kristina Klebe, also does a good job with her performance as Agent Evelyn Pierce. As a horror film, Don´t Kill It does manage to combine possessed human bodies, with classic slasher horror. But to be honest, it would have taken more original ideas to make this even more fun. Because we have seen something similar to Don´t Kill It before, maybe not presented in the same way as this film, but you will see what i mean. There are moments in this film, where we do get to laugh. Especially when you see the possessed humans run around, chopping people with axes, split heads, all the classic chopping ingredients. You will also laugh in some scenes, when Dolph throw in some cheesy lines, that you know only he can get away with. So far, so good. The problem eventually turns out to be that you won´t see any big surprises. A film like this does not need to have them, but in this case i think it could have helped Don´t Kill It to be even more fun. Still, i think this is a fun tribute to splatter films of the 80´s and 90´s. Director Sam Mendes have directed several films in the past, and 2 of them are films you should see. Big Ass Spider! and of course Lavalantula. Both fun low budget horror films, where i find especially Big Ass Spider! to be a future cult movie. Don´t Kill It is also a film that he manage to deliver us a good time, and you can tell he have a passion for old school films. The practical effects looks nice, especially when people get body parts blown by a shotgun, or split a head. The story set in a small town, fits with the story. Even if we can recognize certain details of this film, from equal stories, it does not affect this film in any negative way. Don´t Kill It is a film, that will please fans of Evil Dead. Nothing original, but with enough treats for all of you who loves this genre. Now excuse me, demons have stolen my tv remote control again. Why can´t they let me watch Days Of Our Lives ?

Rating: DDD

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