onsdag 8 mars 2017

I Am Michael

I am not afraid to say that i have nothing against homosexual people. Ever since my sister came out, i have seen the world from a complete different view. No matter who you are, gay or straight, how we look, skin color, or personalities, we are all unique. So if someone is homosexual, does not make them less good people. In fact, from my experiences, i can tell you that many homosexuals are really nice. They will help you with anything ( and i mean that ). No matter what it is, or if tragedy strikes, they will support you. And i had some really fun times at gay clubs, just dancing and meeting nice people. I know that there is still hate in this world, over homosexuals. But for those who are reading this review, don´t give up. No one should be forced to change themselves, so keep on fighting for your rights. Homosexual subjects on films can be found in many countries. We have documentary films, with different people telling their stories, and we have feature films, telling true stories about homosexual people. I have seen a number of films, and i would like to talk about one film in particular. Gus Van Sant´s film Milk, about the politician, and gay activist Harvey Milk, who was murdered in San Fransisco. A very powerful and emotional film, where Sean Penn did a absolutely splendid performance, as Harvey Milk. Actor James Franco also made a wonderful performance in the film Milk, and the film have a very strong political message. Another powerful film about homosexuals is of course A Single Man, where Colin Firth made a wonderful performance as the homosexual teacher George Falconers. The film was nominated for several awards, and Colin Firth won a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a leading role. If you have not seen any of these two films ( that i have mentioned ), i suggest you see them. Remember earlier that i mentioned actor James Franco ? A very powerful actor, with a lot of really good performances in his backpack. One of the films i always suggest people should see, with James Franco in the lead role, is the Danny Boyle film 127 Hours. Based on the true story, of adventurer Aron Ralston, who got his arm stuck between a big rock, out in the endless desert area of Blue John Canyon. Very well made film, with a powerful performance by James Franco. There are of course a numbers of films, but i came across a new one, recently released. And this film is called I Am Michael, where James Franco plays the true character Michael Glatze, who was a homosexual, but became a christian pastor. I thought this sounded interesting, especially because of the controversial subject. Is James Franco back with another astounding performance, or does film fail to deliver anything interesting ?

Michael Glatze ( James Franco ) is living happy with his boyfriend Bennet ( Zachary Quinto ), and Michael is a hard working gay activist, writing for a gay newspaper. Life is looking great, but then Bennet is offered a job in Canada, so they decide to move to start a new life in their relationship. After an adventure with another gay man, Tyler ( Charlie Carver ), they come up with an idea to make a documentary film together, on a road trip across America. To help young people accept themselves, the way they are. But on this journey, Michael begins to wonder, if he is not living the way he wants to. That perhaps he might be looking for answers to all his questions. Is he really gay, or is there another answer to what he is feeling ?

One thing that makes the film I Am Michael different, from a number of films about homosexuals, is that this story is not about how Michael became a homosexual. So we see his transformation, as he decides to live as a christian. I can imagine this will make many christians happy, that he choosed this path. I personally can´t say anything about his choice, because he did what he felt was right. The film tries to explain his transformation, and we get a glimpse of how this happened. Can i understand why he made this transformation ? I don´t think i can, because i have never been a homosexual, so it is hard to imagine his experience. I do think that the film manage to capture a feeling, how it feels to search for answers. Although i think we could have had a much deeper story here, where we find out more about Michael´s own thoughts and struggle with himself. James Franco in the lead role is a really good choice. Even if this is not his strongest performance, i will say that he make his character feel realistic. Since the film is based on the real story, about Michael Glatze, you know this actually happened. And this make the film more interesting. This is a very controversial subject, especially since christians see homosexuality as a sin. Director Justin Kelly directed the controversial film King Cobra, about the gay porn industry. I reviewed this film last year, and I Am Michael is a film he actually directed before King Cobra. But the film did not get a release date before King Cobra, so that´s why i have seen them in different orders. I think that Justin Kelly have managed to make a simple film, that stays within the independent area, and get the message out of the story. While King Cobra showed homosexuality in another way, I Am Michael is more soft on this area and becomes more dramatic. So is there anything negative to say about the film ? It might be that some of the other characters could have been stronger, some of them does not make any impression. Also, we don´t really find out a deeper meaning of Michael´s life, and since this is a film based on his life, i think there could have been some more details attached to the story. Other than that i can´t say this film fails. I Am Michael is an interesting view from a man, who used to be homosexual, but decided to become straight instead. This is of course a controversial subject, and maybe that is good for people to discuss, what is right or wrong ? One thing is for sure, christians will love this film. Maybe some churches should show it ? Don´t bring any rainbow flags there though, that might not be the best idea.

Rating: DDD

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