tisdag 25 april 2017

Hey kids, gather round, i got some great news for all of you who love Steven Seagal ( the man waving his arms every 5 minutes )

Yes, it has been a long time since i actually have seen a Steven Seagal film.

Actually, i might have reviewed one film in here, years ago, and of course it was a pile of shit.

So i have this idea, why not review one of Steven Seagal´s more latest films ?

I know kids, you are all screaming :- Yeeeeaaah, you´re the best Danny Boy

Yes, i know i am. But thanks!

So he have a film called The Perferct Weapon out on dvd and blu ray, that is supposed to be a science fiction action film ( hold on a second, Seagal in sci fi ? ).

Yes, you read that right. Steven Seagal is now making his way to science fiction, and that has to be a masterpiece.....right ?

Before i watch this film, i will finish a review of the latest Wolverine film Logan, and Seagal will show up later, probably in the beginning in May.

So remember kids, once Steven Seagal shows up, you just want more.

Cheers from Daniel - The Swede That Knows Everything You Need To Know

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