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Marvel Comics have made changed many people lives. Especially comic book lovers, who collect comic books and dream about being one of their favourite comic book characters. The transformation from a comic book, to a film adaptation, is of course never easy to do. But i think a lot of talented directors have managed to lift some of the comic book characters we all love, and delivered solid entertainment.There are of course a lot of titles we could choose from, and a lot to discuss. Let´s go back in time to the year 2000. This was the year when director Bryan Singer gave us his view on the world of X-Men. As a first film, this was a really well made action film, and one of the characters that everyone was talking about was of course Wolverine, played by actor Hugh Jackman. He had the looks, and the right elements to be Wolverine, and he clearly enjoyed doing this character. Hugh continued to work on a lot of X-Men films, and i can without a doubt say that Wolverine would always be a character that stayed strong throughout the film series. Over the years, each film have presented us with a lot of different mutant characters, and i think it is interesting to get to know all these characters. One of the things i think every X-Men film have managed to do, in different ways, is to deliver comic book action scenes, where we get some nice treats. But in 2009, the X-Men franchise would get a different perspective, when the film is more based on the life of Wolverine. This was an interesting idea, even though i don´t think this film had the same quality level as the previous films. There were of course discussions, when we would see Hugh Jackman in his own character Wolverine film, and we finally got it in The Wolverine, released in 2013. I have to say, i love the fact that this film takes place in Japan, to see Wolverine fight Yakuza gangsters is just lovely. There is also a different view from Wolverine´s perspective, than in the X-men films, that make this film interesting. I highly recommend you see this film on blu ray, with some nice special features. After The Wolverine was released, there were rumors that Hugh Jackman was planning to end making films with the character Wolverine. And it seemed that the next film, simply called Logan, would be the final chapter. So here we are, with the latest film with this legendary character. I am not sure if this will be the last we will see of Hugh Jackman as the legendary mutant, but of course i had to check this out. Is this the most strongest portrait of Wolverine, or is this just a film made, to make money at the box office but without any passion for this genre ?

The year is 2029. Mutants are on the brink of extinction, with no new mutants being born in 25 years. James " Logan " Howlett ( Hugh Jackman ), formaly known as Wolverine, is now working as a limousine driver in Texas. He drinks everyday, and his health is not in a good condition. His adamantium skeleton is poising him. Logan lives in an abandoned smeldon plant, with mutant tracker Caliban ( Stephen Merchant ) and Charles Xavier ( Patrick Stewart ), who is suffering from Alzheimer´s disease. This causes some serious problems, where Charles can´t control his telepathic abilities. Logan is approached by a woman called Gabriela Lopez ( Elizabeth Rodriguez ). She is a nurse for the biotechnology corporation Alkali-Transigen, who wants Logan to escort her and her 11 year old girl Laura Kinney ( Dafne Keen ) to a place in North Dakota called " Eden ". Unfortunately, as Logan accept the job, and go to pick her up, he discover that Gabriela have been murdered. Someone seems to be after Laura, and Logan has to escape with the girl, and Charles Xavier ( Patrick Stewart ). Transigen´s cybernetically-enchanced chief of security Donald Pierce ( Boyd Holbrook ), and his enforces are on Logan´s trail, as they want Holly back.

Since i have followed the X-Men films, ever since the year 2000, i have experienced some really good highlights, and most films have been really good. I would say that every film had something specific to tell each story, both about the characters, but also about the mutant world. I think so far, my personal favourite has to been X-Men: Days Of Future Past. It looked fantastic, had a really strong cast, and a really interesting story set in the 70´s. Logan is more like The Wolverine film, but perhaps a much deeper personal look into his life. There is a lot of dramatic scenes, where you can clearly see that Logan is having a difficult time in his life. He drinks, his health is not what it used to be, but somehow he will not give up. Hugh Jackman is of course really good as Logan, and i can´t imagine how anyone else would do this character better than him. One difference with this film, compared to the X-Men films, is that you get much more deeper view on this broken mutants soul. Also, some of the fighting scenes with the Wolverine claws are really raw, and i love that. One of the most interesting details in this film, is of course the introduction to the mutant character Laura Kinney ( X-23 ), played by actor Dafne Keene. If this is supposed to be her introduction to her own film ( in the future ), she does a really good start. I actually think the character Laura Kinney is one of the more interesting characters, very mysterious. Knowing she is the daughter of Logan, makes you curious to find out more about her life. Patrick Stewart is of course guaranteed to deliver a solid performance, as Charles Xavier. The story takes place out in Texas, and i like the dirty, desert areas, surrounding the loneliness of Wolverine. It gives the film a different approach, because it would a perfect location to hide from the outside world, in deserted desert buildings. Director James Mangold have directed a lot of films in his career, and one of the films i consider to be one of his best is the 1997 classic Cop Land. It is one of the best performances you have ever seen Sylvester Stallone do in his career. James actually directed The Wolverine, so he knows his material. And you can tell he really want to try and make a majestic approach in this film, and he definitely knows what he is doing. To combine drama, and pure action, is hard. Especially if you try and make a story that feels interesting. And this is where Logan actually manage to hit the jackpot. A few scenes feel a bit drawn out, but as a Wolverine film, i am not disappointed. A really well made action film, with a lot to say. If this is the final film of Wolverine and Hugh Jackman, fans will be pleased, i know i am.

Rating: DDDD

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