onsdag 25 april 2018

Have you bought Accident Man On Blu Ray Or DVD ?

Greetings everyone!

Daniel here, the movie critic from Sweden, where we only have one last surviving viking named E-Type. He have released the same album for 20 years, only with different album covers, so that makes him a viking for sure.

Anyway, this was not why i have returned in here. I am here to talk about why you should buy Accident Man on DVD or Blu Ray. You may know that legendary action actor Scott Adkins have a close spot in his heart for this film, and he wants to make a sequel. But to do that, we fans must support him. And we can, by making sure you buy a physical copy of the film, on DVD or Blu Ray. You see, if we want these films to be made, we have to make sure that the film makers and the actors gets respect for what they do. I know it costs money, but so does everything else, and you get a great film to enjoy if you do. We all want a sequel to be made, and i know Scott Adkins does as well. You can read my review here on my movie review blog, i did buy the film on Blu Ray, actually 2 copies and gave one to a friend,

So yes people, Accident Man is out on DVD and Blu Ray, buy a copy and support quality films, so we can have a sequel in the future. I guarantee you will have a good time with Accident Man.

Cheers from Daniel

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