tisdag 17 april 2018

Robot Ninja Ultimate Edition


A year when Mötley Crue released their album Dr. Feelgood. This was also the year Jean-Claude Van Damme released his classic films Kickboxer and Cyborg. This was also the year when David Hasselhoff was singing for the fall of the Berlin wall, including his hit album Looking For Freedom.

But the year of 1989 had more to offer. This was the year when the cult film Robot Ninja was released. A film that proved why we who grew up in the video violence VHS world became very intelligent. For a long time it seemed that it would be difficult to find Robot Ninja on a good release.

Until now!

This is your chance to get your own copy of this cult classic, that made marriages last longer and give a new generation of young people education about the 80's. So go in on this Indiegogo campaign and support Robot Ninja.


Cheers from Daniel

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