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Traditional horror films can both be very effective, fun and have some surprises included. Either way, i am very open minded to all kinds of horror films. One of the things i usually appreciate is directors who tell stories in anthology horror films. If you have no idea what this is, then i will explain it simple. Anthology horror films is usually a horror film with different stories from different directors, put together into one film. And in most horror anthology films, each director have worked with several different film projects, and get a chance to do something together with other film makers. Sounds like fun right ? I have seen plenty of anthology horror films in the past, and i especially enjoyed a film this summer called Nightmare Cinema ( you can find the review in this blog, just check on the list of reviews ). But since there are so many anthology horror films to choose between, i decided to talk about one specific antholohgy horror film that surprised me. The 2012 anthology horror film known as V/H/S is a great choice for this genre, from directors such as Adam Wingard, Ti West, David Bruckner and many more. The film begins with a gang of criminals, who break into to the home of a dead man to steal a single VHS tape. In this room there are a lot of VHS tapes, so one of them begin to watch one of the tapes. And this is where V/H/S become interesting, giving us some nice horror stories in different shapes. I enjoyed all of the stories for different reasons, especially the story known as Amateur Night from director David Bruckner. V/H/S manage to bring these stories together for a specific reason, and you will find out why as you watch the film. I should mention that the sequel V/H/S/2 is even better than the original film, but the first V/H/S movie have some quality substance included. Speaking of horror anthology films, i recently bought the film Hi_Death on DVD, an anthology horror film that looked interesting. Is this one of those horror films that will find a bigger audience, or is Hi-De a film no one will remember ?

2 women, having fun on the streets of Hollywood, begin to watch different horror stories together. But for each story that they watch, something begins to happen with their lives…..

If you are not a fan of anthology horror films, you are not going to enjoy this film. However, if you do enjoy this genre, i would have to say that Hi-Death have something for everyone. You see, each story is very different from each other. And this is one of the things i enjoy about this film, that each story takes it´s time to show us different characters in different situations. Now i also have to be honest, that i did not enjoy every single story completely. With that said, let´s get into some of the stories i did enjoy, and especially the characters. Let´s begin with the story Death Has A Conscience, from director Anthony Cantanese. This story of drug junkee Erin ( played by actress Jensen Jacobs ) who Wakes up with the Grim Reaper at a cheap hotel. The discussion they have together reveal some details about Erin, and i like the idea of the Grim Reaper telling her details about her life. The masked figures that joins the Grim Reaper works good as well. Actress Jensen makes her character Erin interesting, considering she seems to be stuck in her addiction. The next story i enjoyed is called Night Drop from director Amanda Payton. The story is set inside a local video store, where a secret DVD shows up. When the store worker play this DVD, things are about to change everything. Night Drop is a nice surprise, especially the brutality towards the end. My favourite story in Hi-Death comes from legendary director Todd Sheets, in a story called The Muse. This is a very odd and interesting portrait of a very disturbing man, Edwin Parker ( played by actor Nick Randol ). Edwin is being groomed by a demon, who wants a new human victim, a call girl played by wonderful actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey. The story known as Dealers Of Death is the weak spot of this film, not giving much to be pleased about. Overall, Hi-Death is a nice horror anthology with both nice practical special effects, and some crazy characters to enjoy. Worth picking up on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing, if you appreciate this genre.

Rating: DDD

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