onsdag 18 september 2019

Sleepless Nights ( A Request Review From Actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey )

Time flies by for sure. I can´t belive it has been 8 years since i started this movie review blog. And it all started by an idea of mine, after seeing an episode of South Park, where the students did a news TV show called Sexy Action School News. So i got an idea, why not name my movie review blog Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews ? The idea was that this would make this blog sound sexy, when it actually is nowhere near sexy at all. I had already written reviews long before i started this blog, so i just needed to make something personal. And since then, i had written a hell of a lot of reviews. The best thing for me so far is to see how many countries that read my reviews, i am happy to see i can reach out to anyone who is interested to read. I even had official movie pages for films, share my reviews, including actors as well. So of course i am honored for all of the people who have shown me support. Sometimes, i get a request of a movie review, mostly from fans of my movie review blog. Unfortunately, some requests from readers have been published already, so i can´t write the same review again. But i always appreciate that some people ask if i can write a request. During this summer i actually got a request from wonderful actress Dillyn Fawn Harvey, who you can see in the lovely film Clownado on DVD, from Wild Eye Releasing. She and her cast really enjoyed my review of Clownado, so of course when she requested a review of another film she is in, i felt honored. It is not something that happens everyday, so she asked me if i could review the 2016 horror anthology film known as Sleepless Nights. Of course i said yes, so finally got a chance to see the film on VOD. Is this a horror anthology film that should be nominated for a Nobel prize, or should you avoid this film at all cost ?

During the Halloween weekend, 7 different stories are told, from 7 different directors. Are you ready to face the true faces of evil, or are you doomed for hell in all eternity ?

If you have been looking for a small budget, gory and fun horror film to watch, then look no further. Sleepless Nights is a treat for us who wants a good laugh, with a lot of practical effects. This is a real throwback to the 80´s with the tasteful soundtrack, and with some acting performances, so bad you can´t help loving their characters. In some ways, you could say that Sleepless Nights is a mash up of classic Halloween ingredients. You have demon possessed people, zomies, parasites, the perfect mixture for a pumpkin holiday. There is especially one of the stories that will make you laugh, about a demon possessed child, where everyone runs out of the house, such as a catholic priest, an indian and a voodoo man. But thats not all. In one story you have an Afro American character Derwell Sweet, who sword fight, and keep a zombie girl as his new toy, known as Zombie Ho ( played by actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey ). You can also see Dilynn in another story, where she plays the character Enid. The thing i love about actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey is that she can do all kinds of characters, and she clearly shows that in this film. My favourite segment in this film is the story called The Crawler, where Enid get some kind of parasite up her ( private parts ? ). Dilynn handle this character in a very wonderful way. One of the things i can is that Sleepless Nights does not feel scary at all. That´s not a bad thing, because you will have plenty of laughs along the way for all the crazy things happening in every story. Director Todd Sheets, and the rest of the directors that made different segments in this film, have made an entertaining B anthology movie. Are you already looking forward to celebrate Halloween with a costume ? Then make sure you pick up Sleepless Nights on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing, and i guarantee that you will feel that this is the best British tea afternoon, you never thought existed.

Rating: DDD

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