tisdag 26 maj 2020

The Podcast Everyone Should Be Listening To, Is Of Course The Rest Is Confetti

Cheers everyone!

Over the years that i have been writing reviews, i have had the chance to talk to people worldwide through social media. Most of the time it has been discussions with actors, including directors, but today i am proud to say that i have stepped into a new direction. I am always open to new contacts and help movie lovers that do their own social media projects.

I have been talking to one of the girls of the podcast known as The Rest Is Confetti, and her name is Macy. She and her friend Courtney are doing this podcast, and this is where they talk about independent films, and especially obscure horror films. One of the reasons i feel that this podcast is so important, is because we need a podcast that talk about independent films. I personally feel that this is the most interesting podcast in many years, and since summer is getting closer, i have a feeling that this will be the podcast that everyone will be talking about worldwide this summer. I will be listening to every episode, and i hope all of you will as well. You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, or choose a different way to listen through other choices as well. i will give you a link to where you can listen to The Rest Is Confetti:


Last review of this month will be posted any day soon, and i have a lot of good stuff coming in June. Actually, next month i will be focusing more on independent horror films, since it would be nice to enter summer by supporting films in this genre. Take care everyone, and remember, The Rest Is Confetti is the place to be during this summer.

Cheers from Daniel!

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