söndag 17 maj 2020

True Fiction

There is something special about holding in a book, with your bare hands. To be able to read a story, that will capture your attention, from start to finish. There is nothing wrong about reading books digital, or listening to books, but there is something special about reading a real book. I have quite many that have been collecting dust for some time, and my plan is to read more in the future, and i hope i will get a chance. If there is one book i always loved, is the Stephen King novel Misery ( one of the few books i have read more than twice ). The story of author Paul Sheldon, who is seriously injured in a car accident, is taken to the home of Annie Wilkes. Annie turns out to be one of his biggest fans, who loves his books about character Misery. It becomes clear that there is something seriously wrong with Annie. This is a really good book, and i love the film adaptation as well from director Rob Reiner. The acting in this film is really good, especially from lead actors James Caan and Kathy Bates. This is one of the few films that really capture how fans of someone famous go way over the line, where they don´t understand that you can´t do anything you want, just because you are a fan of a famous person. Misery may be one of the better film adaptations from a Stephen King novel, and this film actually turns 30 years old this year. If you have not seen Misery, i suggest you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. Late last year i was hearing a lot about an independent film known as True Fiction. There were some really positive reviews coming out for this film, and i had a feeling that this might be something special. I finally got a chance to see True Fiction on VOD. Is this one of the biggest surprises of this spring, or is True Fiction doomed to fail from start to finish ?

Avery Malone ( Sara Garcia ) is a young writer, who adores her favourite author Caleb Conrad ( John Cassini ). Avery is given a chance to become Caleb´s assistant, to help him with his work in his cabin. This is a dream come true for Avery, and she is so excited about being a part of his life. But when Caleb begin to give Avery lie detector tests, she feels that something is not right. She was only supposed to help him, not to let him in to her personal life. What started so innocent, is about to take a different turn.

True Fiction is a really interesting film from a psychological perspective. You may think you know how the plot will turn out, but this film is actually more intelligent than you would expect. The plot takes a completeley different turn towards the end of the film, wich proves that there is still hope for psychological horror / thrillers. In the beginning of the film you sense that this film have been inspired by the Stephen King novel Misery. I could be wrong of course, but if you have read the novel, or seen the film adaptation of Misery, i believe you might feel that True Fiction might have been inspired by that story. One of the most important details of this film, is how good lead actress Sara Garcia ( who some of you might remember from TV series X Company ). She really goes into her character Avery with full power,and give us a very interesting personality. The thing about Avery is that she looks so innocent and sweet from the beginning of the film, but turns into a completely different person as the film goes on. We also get a really good performance from actor John Cassini, playing author Caleb Conrad. The one thing i really feel that John manage to do, is to make his character Caleb feel like a very disturbing personality. To be able to do that, you have to know how to bring out this personality with a strong performance. And he does this in a wonderful way. One of the things that makes True Fiction stand out from most thrillers i have seen recently, is that this film builds up a horrifying atmosphere in this cabin. This is something you don´t really see that often, at least not in this genre. Director Braden Croft ( who directed the horror film Feed The Gods ) have made a film that is not only clever constructed, but also gives you an image of the balance between reality and fantasy, and how we handle difficult situations. I also feel that director Braden Croft manage to show human behavior on a disturbing level in this film, that especially makes this story fascinating. True Fiction may be one of the best horror / thrillers i have seen this year. I suggest you give this film a chance, and i guarantee that you will be surprised.

Rating: DDDD

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