tisdag 17 september 2013


A long long time ago, before Twilight even existed, a danish director took the worlds critics by storm. A very original man, who found his way in to a wider cinema audience with such movies like Breaking The Waves, Dancing In The Dark and of course Dogville. What i enjoy mostly about Lars Von Trier is his way of making stories come to life. He have a very talented visual style, and of course his way of letting actors making strong characters come to life. I have to admit i have not seen Melancholia yet, and i still bought it on dvd, shame on me. I will look into it eventually. Antichrist became controversial upon the release, since this was a very different project from Von Trier´s earlier work. With a more darker, sadistic tone than before, is Antichrist the new start for this legendary director, or should he have left the idea in the hands of someone else ?

A couple lost their son. To process their grief, they decide to travel to a house, where the husband want to help his wife with treatment ( he is a therapist ).. He begins his treatment, hoping to find what she is most afraid of. But while he digs deeper inside her mind, eveything is about to go way out of line.

I am not going to compare Antichrist to the previous work of Von Trier, simply because this is very different for his earlier movies. This is very disturbing, provoked, and a very deep story told in a very dark way. Both Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Daffoe does very well performances, but there is one problem. Even if i like the pictorial scenes, i feel that Lars Von Trier could have done something different with his approach. The disturbing images are well made, it´s just that something is missing. Maybe i was hoping to see more about the past, what happened when they lost their son, to see how this all started, instead of running straight into their broken lives. But still, Antichrist is a very well made motion picture, especially if you like art drama, with horror infleunces. Be warned about the sex scenes, you will see it all, and if you don´t like this, i suggest you go rent Mean Girls instead.

Rating: DDD

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