lördag 14 september 2013

The Conjuring

I love James Wan. Ok, maybe not in the way it sounds, i simply love his movies. Not only is he a talented director, he have a great sense of photography and style. The first Saw movie, took the world by storm when it came out in 2004. Visually Saw proved that torture horror can be effective, if you have a good story. The sequels did not match all the way, but thankfully James Wan decided to do other horror projects, like Dead Silence and Insidious. The fact is that Insidious was really good, showing a completely different take on haunted houses. While i read interviews during his interviews for The Conjuring, i felt that this might be his best work so far. Is it finally time for James Wan to win an Golden Globe Award for best director, or is The Conjuring not as good as his previous projects ?

In the year 1971, Carolyn Perror and Roger Perron move into a farmhouse, located in Harrisville, Rhode Island, together with their 5 daughters. The couple is very pleased, and hope to start a new life. Everything seems alright, until some of the daughters begin to feel someone touching them while they sleep. Thinking this is just a prank, even more strange things are about to happen. One night all hell breaks loose, it seems that this house is possessed by a evil spirit. Carolyn manage to get in contact with Ed Warren ( Patrick Wilson ) and Lorraine Warren ( Vera Farmiga ), who both work as paranormal investogators. They agree to take a look at the Perror family´s house. While arriving and looking around, Lorraine understand that this house is possessed, by something that wants this family dead. For each day, everything is becoming worse, and The Warrens need to find a way to stop this madness.

I have seen so many haunted house movies, it is easy to forget all the titles. Most of them look exactly the same, so there is no way you need to bother following the story. But here comes the good news. The Conjuring is really good. I think i need to say this again, The Conjuring is really good. The story may be simple, but damn, the acting is really good, and match the storyline.  Vera Farmiga as Lorraine is simply amazing, she really found a way to portrait this legendary woman in a very stylish way, and still bring the acting to a very high level. But the pest part of The Conjuring is how scary it is. I usually don´t jump in a seat, but here i did, holy shit. There are no chopped body parts, no pails of blood, but that´s ok. Because James Wan knows how to make an effective horror movie, and this time he really hit a jackpot. Earlier this year i read a woman saying Mama was the best horror movie of this year so far......Yes, you read it right folks, and it is sad to read this, because Mama was not scary, the plot was destroyed with the ridiculous CGI effects. Here on the other hand, we get how it is supposed to be, a story based on true events, made with a big heart for great material. I suggest you buy a ticket today, there is no excuse why you can´t see The Conjuring, you simply have to see it.

Rating: DDDD

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