fredag 20 september 2013

Känn Ingen Sorg

Everytime i meet people out in the world, and get questions asked about Sweden, i will always say that Gothenburg is the greatest city of our country. If someone says Stockholm, they are living in a fantasty dream. Gothenburg have everything you need, great culture, great nightlife and really great people in the streets. Everytime i go back there, you feel home. Going into the culture life, Gothenburg have a legendary singer, who have enchanted all of Sweden by his music. Håkan Hellström is one of the biggest pop stars of Sweden, he writes all of his own songs, does not use autotunage, and tour in almost every city he can. I am not a huge fan, but i will admit he knows how to make powerful songs. Känn Ingen Sorg is a movie based on the songs of Håkan Hellström. Can you make a powerful movie based on songs by a musician, or is this idea too big to make it work ?

Pål ( Adam Lundgren ) loves writing songs, and play them mostly alone. His best friends Johnny ( Jonathan Andersson ) and Lena ( Josefin Neldén ) really love his music. As they head out to party in the city of Gothenburg, Lena want to tell Pål how she really feel about him. She does not get the chance to finish what she planned to say, so Pål have no idea she have feelings for him. While Pål goes to rock gig in a small club, he meets a singer named Eva. She finds out Pål write his own songs, and love his material. She offers him to play his songs in her own band, as he is invited to play at Eva´s parents wedding. The gig goes terribly wrong, and Pål leaves frustrated. He can´t play infront of a big audience, unless he is blindfolded. Pål falls in love with Eva, while she is not sure what she wants, and continue have fun with other guys. Pål´s grandfather Rolle ( Tomas Von Brömssen ) would like to see Pål take an ordinary job, because the music industry is hard to succeed in. On a trip to Copenhagen with Eva and Johnny, something is not right. Pål is left alone on the train back to Gothenburg, as he finds cocaine in Johnny´s bag. He flushes it down in a toilet, and confront Johnny about this, Johnny is furious, and know this is a big problem, if he cant fix new cocaine, his customers will most likely kill him. Pål tries to fix this somehow, but it turns out he is too late. Johnny is killed, while Pål is becoming more observant about Lena´s feelings towards him.

For those who know me personally, know how skeptical i am on swedish movies. Not every title is bad, it is just that for the most part, swedish movies are made in a certain way, to fit the Svensson style, for those who love to dance to Svänzons, and eat shrimps to a glass of white whine. I dont belong in this pattern, so when i see a swedish movie that stands out of this pattern, i become very curious. Känn Ingen Sorg is actually, really entertaining, and sad also. The story of Pål´s life in Gothenburg feels believable, that this could be anyone, in their youth. Directors Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein finds a way to bring Håkan Hellströms songs to life, in the storyline, and even makes this feel magical in some scenes. The scenes of Gothenburg looks really great, it is easy to love the city even more when you see how beautiful Gothenburg is. Adam Lundgren proves that he is one of the best actors of his young generation in Sweden, if you have not seen Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar on dvd, i suggest you rent it, and you will understand why he is such a great actor. I am shocked to say this, but Känn Ingen Sorg is the best swedish movie so far this year, a great story about life, and tragedy, how we find our place in society to be accepted, just the way we are. Some of the songs of Håkan Hellström are so honest, i feel like i need to listen more to him know after watching Känn Ingen Sorg. I don´t think we will find anything as good as this from Sweden this year, so if you can see it wherever you live in this world, i recommend that you try, and you might also be surprised.

Rating: DDDD

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