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Candy Corn

In a lot of meals i use corn. I love the sweet taste, and corn can fit with a lot of different kinds of food combination. I also enjoy corn bread, that´s easy to make as well. If i had to choose one favourite meal with corn, it has to be Chili Con Carne. I could easily eat a whole big pot of this for a whole week. Last time i made a hell of a lot, so i had to put some in the freezer. I am curious to try sweet corn cobbler, the American recipe. It seems that you can mix in other ingredients as well, such as blueberry. I always wanted to have my own corn field, just imagine being able to have corn right from the field, playing the banjo and have moonshine on the front porch, now that´s quality life. Whenever i think about corn in films, there is especiallly one film that comes to my mind. The 1984 film Children Of The Corn, based on a short story of horror author Stephen King. Directed by Fritz Kiersch ( this was his directorial debut film ), this film tells the story of Vicky Baxter ( played by actress Linda Hamilton ) and Burt Stanton ( played by actor Peter Horton ) who are travelling through rural Nebraska, where a young boy suddenly stumbles out into the road and Burt run over him. Burt discover that someone has cut the boys throat beforehand. They take the corpse with them to nearest town Gaitlin, and they are about to find out that something very evil is controlling the children of Gaitlin. One of the things that make Children Of The Corn different from certain horror films, is that this film has children murdering adults. I would not say this is one of the better films based on a story from Stephen King, but is an 80´s classic. My suggestion is that you pick up the Blu Ray of Children Of The Corn, released from Arrow Video. This release has some nice special features included. In late autumn of 2019, i noticed reviews coming in about a horror film called Candy Corn. The trailer looked like fun I was hoping to see this film at Christmas, but plans changed and i finally got a chance to see the film on Blu Ray from Epic Pictures. Is this the perfect choice for a lovely spring day, or is Candy Corn as predictable as Jim Bakkers doomsday predictions ?

Jakob Atkins ( Nate Chaney ) is helping horror entertainer Lester ( Pancho Moler ) also known as Dr Death, preparing for his horror show Dr Death´s Sideshow Spookhouse Spectacular. Jakob gets beaten up by some young punks really bad, and ends up dead. Lester takes his body and prepare a ritual, to bring Jakob back to life. He returns, but not as the same person, but as a bloody killer.

Going in to a film as Candy Corn, is like being a child at the candy shop. You can find different kinds of flavors that you have been waiting for. You got the classic ingredients from a lot of Halloween inspired films, and you also have some other details attached to fit with the plot. In some ways i get a sense that this film is inspired by films of the 70´s, since the look of the film reminds me of this time period. I believe it is time to talk about the characters. One of the coolest characters of this film is without a doubt Gus, played by actor Sky Elobar ( who you must see in the odd and wonderful film The Greasy Strangler ). Imagine a mixture of a 1970´s looking Peter Stormare with the sexiest hair style ever, combined with a disco junkee look and you have Gus. Sky deliver a performance that you can´t resist. I also enjoy the performance of actor Pancho Moler, who plays Lester / Dr Death. When he puts on his show Dr Death´s Sideshow Spookhouse Spectactular, you know it´s going to be the closest you will ever get to the Nobel prize dinner. Nate Chaney as the masked killer does a performance that will touch your heart, or should i say rip it out. Legendary actor Tony Todd ( who most people of course will never forget from Candyman ) is in this film as well. He may not have many scenes, but Tony is one of those actors who can deliver in every performance he does. We have more legendary actors here as well, such as Courtney Gains ( who was one of the actors in the first Children Of The Corn films ) and P.J. Soles ( who was in the John Carpenter´s Halloween film ), and it is a true pleasure to see them in this film. Candy Corn is a Halloween film that brings back the 70´s vibe in a positive way, including some nice old school slasher scenes. I would not say this film is very original, but that´s ok since Candy Corn is made for an audience who loves Halloween films. Director Josh Hasty is not interested in making a modern film, and this is his biggest strength. He loves this genre, and you can tell he have a passion for old school horror films. Candy Corn will not go down as a future classic, but this is a good choice if you are a fan of low budget horror films. How about some candy corn folks ? No ? That´s alright, my shotgun might get the party started, i always try and make everyone feel welcome.

Rating: DDD

You can find the Region Free Blu Ray of the film Candy Corn on this web page from Epic Pictures.


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