onsdag 12 februari 2020

The Blood Alligator ( 狂暴巨鳄 )

Alligators, you either love them or hate them. But the truth is that they actually have an important role in maintaining ecosystem balance. Did you know that alligators help keeping other animal populations in balance ? When they dig holes and leave trails throughout marshes, they create habiats for fish and marine invertebrates. Alligators also help protect birds. So you see they do have a good heart, and are not always mean. So now you know it´s ok to get close to them, they might cuddle more than you think. When it comes to films that brings up the subject of alligators, i have to mention the cult classic film Alligator, released in 1980. Directed by Lewis Teague ( who also directed the Rutger Hauer cult classic film Wedlock ), this film tells the story of a baby alligator, who is flushed down in a toilet in Chicago. 12 years later, the alligator have survived in the sewer, and have mutated from eating covertly discarded pet carcasses. This is a fun B movie, and actually not bad effects for being a B movie. If you love animal horror films, then you should see Alligator and see a true classic. And the cast of this film helps the film to be enjoyable as well. We have legendary actor Dean Jagger ( this was actually his last film ) who Bruce Lee fans recognize from his classic film Game Of Death. You also have legendary actor Robert Forster ( who i especially remember from the Chuck Norris film The Delta Force ) in the leading role. Let´s not forget legendary actor Henry Silva ( who Chuck Norris fans guaranteed will remember from the film Code Of Silence, one of Chuck´s best films ) is also in Alligator. Chinese films are released constantly, and i only see very few of them. I have seen a lot of interesting titles since last year, and i came across a film with a really fun title, simply called The Blood Alligator. As you know i am a big B movie fan, so of course i had to see this. Is this the perfect film for Valentines Day, or should you celebrate with a bottle of vodka instead of watching The Blood Alligator ?

Scientist Chen Jing ( Cen Cheng ) have learned that her fianceé was attacked of a giant Crocodile. With a military team, she heads out to locate the beast, even if her Boss Xie Wei-Lian ( Zhang De-Hui ) is not happy about this operation. But this operation will turn out to be harder than anyone expected, since they have no idea how to handle this beast.

If you love B movies with animals attacking, and big guns, then you should be feeling lucky with The Blood Alligator. This is like going all the way back to the early 90´s, where you mix a lot of different B movie ingredients together. Does this combination work ? If you don´t go into this film with high expectations, then i think you should be able to have a good time. This is the kind of film that you don´t have to care about any plot, since you just want to see action scenes and these beasts attacking. And this is what works best about the film, we get exactly what we wished for, big guns, hot girls and the beasts hungry for flesh. This film actually reminded me of the 1996 sci fi action film Solo with actor Mario Van Peebles. There are some differences of course between the stories, but they both take place in a jungle and both films have military teams armed to their teeth. The main character is scientist Chen Jing. My favourite character in this film is the bad ass female character Aaone, played by actress Jenna Wang ( also known as Wong Si-Pin ). She is ready to kick ass anytime, and let´s face it guys, anyone of us would not say no being in a wrestling match with her. One of the funniest characters in this film is without the crazy Lao Hei, the guide who is probably drinking 25 energy drinks every day. He is the guide we all wish we had on vacations, who would make any holiday more fun. He is played by actor Zheng Xi, and he have managed to make this character unique for this film. The CGI effects are not the best, but not horrible either. If you can accept that, then i believe you will see the entertainment value in a film such as this. One detail is strange, there are crocidiles attacking, while the title is still The Blood Alligator, maybe there is another background story for this. Director Su Yu is clearly inspired by a lot of B movies from the past, and he manage to balance this in his own way. He also manage to bring in some comedy scenes as well, and at certain moments they actually fit in with the plot. The Blood Alligator is unfortunately not avaible on DVD ( at least not here in Europe ), so you will have to watch it on VOD or another platform. Hopefully we can get a DVD release this year in the UK at least, since i believe this film would find a bigger fan base if they did. If you are a fan of B movies, then give this film a chance. Not even the Fifty Shades Of Grey fans can´t deny that this film has something for everyone.

Rating: DDD

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