måndag 17 februari 2020

Why We Need A Film Based On The Early Years Of Jamiroquai

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, hoping you all had a fantastic weekend. A lot of films about legendary music bands and artists have been made, and especially in recent years with Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman and the Netflix film The Dirt. It is a hard balance to make a film based on music bands or music artists. But it can be done with the right director and the right cast. 

Now, i have been thinking a lot lately about a film based on the early years of British acid jazz soul funk disco band Jamiroquai, and especially on the years they released four of the best albums of the 90's, i am of course talking about....

Emergency On Planet Earth 1993
The Return Of The Space Cowboy 1994
Travelling Without Moving 1996
Synkronized 1999

I realize that the film might have to tell the story longer of course, but i feel that the acid jazz years are the golden years of Jamiroquai. Just imagine if young people would discover these albums today and dig them like i have for over 25 years. Imagine if the film could be released and finished to the 30 years anniversary of Emergency On Planet Earth in 2023, that would be wonderful. Of course i would love it if the film was made in England, with a strong cast. How do you feel about my idea, would you want to see a film based on the story of Jamiroquai ? I know i would love to see that. ;) 

New movie reviews coming up before this month ends, so stay tuned and have a fantastic week. 

Cheers from Daniel !

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