fredag 18 oktober 2013

Pacific Rim

In 2001, i was introduced to a mexican director by the name of Guillermo del Toro. The movie that were screening was The Devils Backbone, a horror story that combined the Spanish Civil War with orphans. At that time i did not know he was the director of the horror movie Mimic, even if i did see that movie when it came out. I suppose i did not care at that point of time, but in 2002, everything changed when he directed Blade 2. To make a sequel even better than the original movie, is not something most directors manage to do. But del Toro did manage, it was actually much better than i ever expected. Moving on 2 years later, del Toro made Hellboy, based on the comic book character. This was actually also a really good movie, not only for the visual part, but also for the screenplay. Ron Perlman was perfect as Hellboy, loud, ignorant, and mean. He returned to the horror genre with The Orphanage, one of my favourite spanish horror movies ever. If you have not seen it, buy it, this is one you have to own. After producing many movies and working on different projects, i suddenly heard he was going to direct Pacific Rim. Not knowing what this was all about, i finally got to see the trailer. Robots fighting monsters ? Is Pacific Rim another classic from this legendary director, or is this genre way out of his league ?

In 2013, the world is invaded by Kaijus: colossal alien beasts from another dimension. To stop these alien beasts, the nation of Pacific Rim build Jaegers, colossal humanoid war machines with enough weapons and strenght to kill Kaijus beasts. Every Jaeger is controlled by 2 people, who have trained for years to become Jaeger pilots. But the Jaeger force is running out, the Kaijus beasts are taking over day by day. In the year 2025, the world have changed much darker and become more vulnerable. Pacific Rim only have 4 remaining Jaegers left, and need to come up with a plan. They are sent to Hong Kong to defend unfortified coast until the wall is completed. Retired pilot Raleigh Bucket ( Charlie Hunnam ) is asked to come back and help Pacific Rim crew, to defeat the Kaijus beasts. He agrees, and is also asked to work with a new pilot Mako Mori ( Rinku Kikuchi ). While they try the new improved Jaeger, something goes terribly wrong, and Mako almost fire a weapon inside the compund. Raeligh´s commanding officer Stacker Pentecost ( Idris Elba ) inform Mako she is not the new pilot to Raleigh, instead he will find someone else to take her place. Raleigh try to convince Stacker to change his mind, that he needs her on the next mission. As Jaegers are send out to defeat an incoming Kaiju beast, they seem to be defeated. Hope is running out of time.

I am in paradise.....

How many times do you get to see these special effects in an action motion picture with so many amazing details ? Some of the battle scenes are some of the coolest massive action sequences for many years, you simply sit there applauding by yourself, even if people think you are nuts. Pacific Rim is every boys wet dream, we get explosions, massive weapons, aliens, everything you need to have an orgasm in 2 minutes. Director Guillermo del Toro proves once again why he is such a legend at making great motion pictures. He gives us fast hitting action sequences that strikes so hard, that Alexander Nilson drops his kitchen knife and hide behind the seat. There are plenty of scenes i can recommend, instead i would say overall this is one of the best action movies of this year. Idris Elba ( who plays Luther on the british tv series ) proves once again why he is an actor of very high quality. I hope he get his own major role in a powerful character in the future, i have a feeling he have much more to give us. Ron Perlman is here also, doing another character that fits his style. Pacific Rim delivers in every possible way this type of action movie can.  Worth buying on blu ray, to make sure you get a great movie night with friends, or family. And the best part is, we get to forget about Colin Nutley while watching this, is that not fantastic ?

Rating: DDDD

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