onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Crystal Lake Memories : The Complete History Of Friday The 13th

If you don´t know who Jason Voorhees is by now, there may be 2 reasons to explain why.

1. You have watched too many episodes of Svt show Intresseklubben.

2. You work as a librarian, and only have seen tv in the year of 1964.

Apart from this, i have a feeling most people know this iconic movie figure is. Growing up in the 80´s, i always loved watching Friday The 13th Movies. Some of them were ok, some of them were not so good, but Jason always delivered some memorable scenes. Ever since the first movie came out in 1980 and became a huge box office hit, fans have stayed along the way to see what Jason does next. Slashing teenagers in New York, and even in space, this guy never seem to die. Crystal Lake Memories is a documentary, almost 7 hours long ( really? yes ), with all the details from every movie since the beginning. This sounds like the perfect documentary, but is this massive documentary way too long to make the viewer pleased ?

In 1980, director Sean S Cunningham released a small budget horror movie called Friday The 13th. It was a massive hit at the box office, and a new legend was born. In this documentary, you get to hear all the details, from almost all of the actors from the movies of every Friday The 13th sequel. Find out how they did some of the most brutal scenes, how the hockey mask was discovered to fit Jason´s character, all the locations where every movie was filmed at. In almost 7 hours you get to hear everything you might ever have thought about the Friday The 13th movies.

A documentary is very different to review, from an ordinary film. You have to look at the content and see if it feels interesting enough as a documentary. When it comes to Crystal Lake Memories, i can tell you that this must have been the toughest documentary i have ever seen. Imagine watching almost 7 hours of interviews, clips, and behind the scenes in these hours. But i can´t say i regret doing this, Because if you love Friday The 13th movies, then this is the ultimate documentary for the movie fans. There is so much here to find out about every movie, it´s amazing they managed to find so many actors to be in so many interviews, and tell all the stories. There are details here that i never thought i would hear, about the cast, about the locations where every movie was filmed, that is very interesting. Corey Feldman is the story teller, along the whole documentary. Even if i am not a big fan of what he does today in the Entertainment business, he does a really good job telling the story from the beginning. There are even scenes shown here from Friday The 13th Part 7, that show us the whole uncut scenes that Paramount destroyed, because they were too violent to show the audience. I could go on forever tell you details about how much you can find out, but i suggest you watch this documentary if you love Friday The 13th. One of the best documentaries ever ? I think we can agree on that for sure.

Rating: DDDD

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