fredag 4 oktober 2013

This Is The End

In december 2012, people actually believed the world would end. You might think i am kidding with you, but this is true. Especially religious fanatics, they kept saying that this is the end of human kind. I wonder if they did take their medicines for their mental problems? Probably not. You might remember Roland Emerich´s movie 2012 with John Cusack, where he tried to survive while the world was being drestroyed. This Is The End is kind of the same type of premise, but this is a comedy, with some of the biggest comedy stars you can get together in one motion picture. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and the list goes on. With a dream cast like this, set on the final days of earth, is this finally a comedy that get the party started, or leave you with a sour taste ?

Seth Rogen meets Jay Baruchel at the Los Angeles Airport. 2 friends ready to have a great time together with video games and smoking weed. Seth and Jay are invited to a party at James Franco´s house, with superstars like Rhianna, Michael Cera and Emma Watson e t c. The party starts off great, and everyone is having a great time. While Seth and Jay head off to buy cigarettes, something really strange happends. Blue lights from the sky suck up people, while panic is spreading the streets. Seth and Jay head back, to continue the party. But after a while everything is about to change. The ground opens up and people fall down, streets are on fire, and chaos is seen everywhere. The few survivors that manage to barricade themselves in James Franco´s house, try to survive together. What is going on, and what does these blue lights mean ?

I love vulgar comedies, if they have something that appeal me. This Is The End have some of the most funniest fucking scenes i have seen in a very long time. It is almost like Eastbound & Down Goes Apocalyptic, where everything goes terribly wrong. And the fact that every actor play themselves makes this even more fun, especially Danny McBride. He gives everyone a Bitch Slap, in the best possible way he can, and i cant stop laughing when he have screen time. One of the best comedy actors ever, if you have not seen any season of Eastbound & Down, you seriously need to go rent it, or even buy every season. The rest of the cast deliver many memorable scenes, like when Jay tries to sleep, when Seth and Jonah join Jay in bed, to face their dicks next to each others ass, because that is the best thing to do. There are plenty of more scenes you will love. Directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg find a great balance to joke about Hollywood actors, and their lifestyle, and still bring some fresh ideas. If you love Swedish tv show Intresseklubben, you are going to hate this. But if you want a great time, and dont give a shit about the plot, This Is The End will make sure you have a blast.

Rating: DDDD

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