söndag 6 oktober 2013

We´re The Millers

From tv series Friends, to romantic comedies, Jennifer Ansiston have kept her roots along the way. The only time i have seen her do something different, was in the year 2002, with the motion picture The Good Girl. And let´s not forget the thriller Derailed, by Swedish director Mikael Håfsröm. Somehow she seems to prefer make the same type of Aniston movie, where she falls in love and meet a great guy. And this is one of the problems i have with her choices, if you make the same type of movie too often, it will get boring. The plots may be different, but the message is the same. But maybe this is about to change with her latest box office hit We´re The Millers ? Jennifer Ansiton as a stripper, is this exactly what her career needed, or are we back to the same basics?

David Clark ( Jason Suedikis ) is a drug dealer, making cash by selling good quality marijuana. One evening while helping his neighbor Kenny Rossmore ( Will Poulter ) in a fight. David is badly beaten, and the guys steal all his money and his drugs. David is furious at Kenny, because he needs to get the Money back, or his drug lord Brad Gurdlinger ( Ed Helms ) will kill him. At least that is what David think, until he meets Brad. It turns out David might solve this problem anyway, if he helps Brad smuggle marijuana from Mexico. If David does this job, he will get paid well and will be forgiven for the lost drugs. David realise that he have to find a way to smuggle the drugs, without being caught. Suddenly he come up with an idea. What if he can put together a fake family, driving an RV, like an ordinary family across Mexico, no one can be suspicious about that ? He asks local stripper Rose O´Reily ( Jennifer Aniston ) if she can be his wife, and get paid well for the job. She is not happy about the idea, but since she is about to be evicted from her appartment, she agree to go along. Kenny is on, and he knows someone who can be his fake sister, Casey Mathis ( Emma Roberts ). She is a runaway girl, with many problems, but she agree to go along for the money. Everything seems to be going well, the fake family heads to do Mexico. David arrange to pick up the marijuana, and drives away thinking Everything is going as planned. But mexican drug lord Pablo Chacon ( Tomer Sisley ) finds out they have his drugs, without permission.

Finally we get to see a comedy where no one respects each other. And the vulgar language fits the concept of this fake family, as we follow them on this crazy journey. We´re The Millers may not be a classic, but if you just want a good laugh it actually works. Jennifer Aniston does what she usually do, act the only way she know how to do. At least she is not bad. But check out Will Poulter, he is really good as the virgin Kenny, who will do anything someone tells him to do. Emma Roberts shows a different side of her acting skills, making this runaway girl a likeable character. The only problem i have with We´re The Millers, is that this is too long, almost 2 hours. Some scenes did not need to fill in the empty spots. But overall a funny motion picture, especially for those who want to forget Jennifer Anistons performance in Just Go With It.

Rating: DDD

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